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The Path Ahead

The Pugsville Pugs finally made it to the promised destination. Isabella and Byron have give the stamp of approval on their new homestead. It is a far cry from the busy streets of Manhattan that is a good thing too.
The path here ahead is full of sweet smells and peaceful sounds much appreciated and deserved.
So on to great things.
Today is our day.
The outside is calling,
So…we must be on our way.



The Waiting Place.

The Waiting Place…

For pugs just waiting.
Waiting for the day to come
When the movers move,
The driver drives,
When we finally reach our new destination
And have a new life.
But right now,
Everyone is just waiting.

That’s not for puggies!

Somehow we’ll escape
all that waiting and staying
We’ll get to the bright new place….

It’s Time…

Pugsville Is On The Move

We have some exciting news in Pugsville today. It’s official. Pugsville is moving. In July, Pugsville will leave New York City. The city has not always been a compassionate and understanding place. And this is increased with a blind dog. Both Isabella and especially Byron felt that they would be much happier in the quiet of the burbs. After the insane winter of perpetual tears, we all need the serenity and security that the city cannot offer. So we are going back ’home’ to Buffalo NY. Something magical in the winds has been calling us lately. And so we are answering the call. Originally from Buffalo, it feels so exciting to be going back to familiar roots. Right now the most wonderful feeling is having things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.

What Do We Have Here?

Today we had a miracle happen at Pugsville. Byron wanted to play.

It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most but Byron hasn’t wanted to play, with or without a toy, since he went blind. We thought that we would never see Byron be that sporty pug again. He seemed depressed and mopey. But today a door was opened.
He went into his toy bin and started looking for a toy. He found his ball that he use to play with when he was a sighted dog. He immediately wanted to play tug with it. This sort of thing has not happened in months.

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Byron’s First Product Review: Muffin’s Halo

Always in search of products to help Byron get around, adapt, navigate, adjust and be safe, we’ve tried a few products that seem to be better than others.

Our first product that we bought is a Muffin’s Halo, which has very nice story behind its design and testing. The product has been featured in a lot of sites which gave it a lot credibility. They have won the SuperZoo award for best dog product for 2015. Continue reading “Byron’s First Product Review: Muffin’s Halo”

Looking East: Acupuncture For Lord Byron!

This week we looked to the east. Byron had his second treatment of acupuncture. He was an impeccable patient and handled it with the poise and elegance of the regal pug that he is.
A few weeks ago we came to the conclusion to give acupuncture a try. Byron had one of his last defining tests to see if there is a physical reason for his blindness (and maybe a cure). An ERG test (Electroretinogram) was performed. We hesitated about doing this test for a time. We didn’t want to put any more undo stress on him. But thankfully we had a very understanding ophthalmologist who understood our concerns and fears and worked with us to make us comfortable about having the procedure done. We worked it out so Byron would not have to be there all day, being in a cage and not knowing where he is. We would bring him in, have the test done and then bring him home again. Here is a link to the what the test is, as I am not going to to get into the technical aspects of it.  ERG article and information

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Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter. Hoppy Spring. Hoppy Hoppy Everything.

Love,   The Pugs Bunnies

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Today we embrace the green with all its splendor. For today is St. Partick’s Day!

Lord Byron, Lady Isabella and the staff at Pugsville would like to wish everyone the luck of the Irish today and everyday.  Now let the festivities officially begin.IMG_5540

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