Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



December 2005

Holiday Time

image Every year, King Argus makes sure Santa ‘Claws’ stops by the palace for a review of all the pugs that deserve special notice this year. But each year, it tends to be the same story over and over. Argus never hears of any “bad” pugs. How could there be such a thing. So we can see a very impatient Santa as he waits until Argus completes his list of “special pugs”, which tends to be all the pugs Argus knows about. And that’s quite a lot of pugs.


It’s Good to Be The King

thekingAfter a long hard day of keeping his domain in order during the chill winter months, Argus likes to supervise the lighting of his fire. Then, he takes up position near the roaring flames and lets the warmth sooth his chilled paws and cold ears. Now, his thoughts drift toward what shall he select for his dinner. Perhaps smoked salmon tonight? With a nice dry white?

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