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May 2006

Where’s George Dubbya?

George_W1 Part of the regular duties of any good monarch is being the gracious host for visiting chiefs of state. Here, King Argus is in top form as he welcomes George Dubbya on a visit to Pugsville. George stopped by Pugsville on his way back from a recent press conference in the UK. As we can see from this official press pool picture, George is listening closely to Argus’ sage advice on foreign relations, economics, and how to resolve high oil prices.


Royal Luggage

The customized Royal Luggage arrived today for King Argus to sample and review. Here we see the customized “Royal Tote” especially made for King Argus and his demanding entourage of handlers, groomers, and food specialists. In typical pug fashion, we’re not entirely sure about the King’s approval, however, we did not yet receive any indication of dissatisfaction. So we can assume this wonderful item will be a great conversation piece as the King travels far and wide.


image While Pugsville is a calm oasis in a troubled world, every once in a while our thoughtful King receives word of the troubling goings on in far off corners of the world. Here, we see Argus in a moment of thoughtful contemplation of the events outside Pugsville. We can imagine that he is laying out a comprehensive plan of “Pugs of Mass Devotion” whereby all the world leaders would receive a pug of their own.


Pug Crossing

image Every once in a while, to maintain a proper perspective and connection with his people, King Argus will step out and do common things from time to time. Here, we see our beloved monarch allowing one of the crossing guards to take the day off. And, in return, King Argus has an opportunity to learn a little more of common every day life in Pugsville from the perspective of one of his subjects. What a thoughtful king we have here in Pugsville.


What Is Pugsville? is the domain of King Argus The Pug Spartagus Beasly Beauregard Reasputin of Halvelsham, a very lucky little pug, with the kind of luck reserved only for Royalty. You see, Argus (as he’s know by those who meet with his approval) constantly reminds us of his Royal status and our requirements for tending to his wants and wishes.

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