Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



June 2006

The Governator Seeks Kingly Advice

image From time to time, our stalwart and benevolent King Argus will accept audience with heads of state and other public servants of stature. Just as George W. often seeks out Argus for advice, Governator Arnold was fortunate enough to be accepted for his first visit to Pugsville. Initially seeking an audience with Argus to learn more of our King’s vast knowledge of important concerns such as illegal immigration and global warming, Argus saw fit to change the topic. Here, we can see our King expressing his frustration over many of Arnold’s recent movie outings. Of particular concern to Argus was the atrocious “Total Recall”, “The 6th Day”, and “Jingle All The Way”. It seems that our King has not been satisfied with Arnold silver-screen outings since “Predator”.


Stop and smell the roses

image Every great ruler knows how to balance the requirements of state with the needs of the psyche. While touring the latest additions and upgrades to the Royal East Garden, our monarch took a moment to stop and smell the proverbial roses. It may be impossible to guess what thoughts pass through the royal mind during this brief moment of pause. Perhaps he was considering the needs of Pugsville workers toiling in the garden. Or maybe he was contemplating the menu of this evening’s dinner. We may never know for certain, but we do know the thoughts were of the utmost royal nature.


East Wing Construction

image As we’ve talked about before, King Argus is very involved with every aspect of the goings on in and around his domain, Pugsville. Today, our noble busy-body was supervising the renovation of the east wing guest room of the castle while the construction crew was talking a break. Argus had worked long had hard with the royal interior designer and architect team to implement his plans into detailed drawings for the Pugsville master craftsmen. Here, we can see Argus reviewing the quality of the installation of a new bay window designed specifically to give him a 270 degree view of the east garden.


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