Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



August 2006

“Easy Breezy!”

imageKing Argus’ staff of attendants constantly search far and wide for the finest of treatments for his royal personage. After all, all pugs have certain standards and those established by our demanding monarch are certainly the highest around. Today, Argus is particularly happy with a new product that made him feel like a finely coifed, pampered, and superbly attended pug of the most superior stature. Happy Tails Spa has provided their wonderful, Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist and Argus most certainly approves. And best of all, his royal attendant was heard to say, “Easy breezy” after applying the product.


Pugsville Bath

image Nothing is finer than being attended to by the royal staff of the Pugsville Spa (the spa is officially still under construction, but the finest staff have been hired, and Argus regularly ensures they are meeting his standards). After a particularly fine wash-massage-rinse-repeat, Argus likes to relax in the warm August sun while his hair poofs to an appropriate superior fluff.


All Creatures Great and Small

image Even the smallest creatures of Pugsville are important to our King Argus. Here we can see Argus showing concern over a lethargic grasshopper lazing about on the asphalt between the west garden and the Royal Spa construction site. We can only imagine what is being said between these two. Argus’s face indicates great concern over the well being of this little creature. I’m sure the grasshopper felt welcomed to Argus’ realm and eventually discovered some tasty leaves.


Royalty Collar

image Argus’ royal valet often go to great lengths to ensure that our King is properly adorned with the latest of fashions as well as appropriate royal attire. Here, Arugs has been prepared for a special night on the town with his favorite formal collar. It appears as though his all-too-often over-zealous staff have seen fit to ensure everyone is aware of Argus’s status.


I’m Melting!

image The heat wave hit Pugsville today as temperatures soared into the upper 90’s! Argus, as all pugs, don’t generally take kindly to the heat. But duty calls for all benevolent monarchs and one must make appearances as best as one can. So with plenty of cool water at hand, royal fanners at his side, and his trusty Outward Hound cool-collar, Argus ventures out into his kingdom to show his subjects the heat will not deter a single duty. Having completed his rounds, here we see our king anxious to retire to the comfort of his throne room (and some ice water).


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