Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



September 2006

Self Esteem Workshop

image Always concerned with the education and developmental life experiences of little Byron, Argus regularly works on building the appropriate level of puggish self esteem in Lord Byron. Among all things pug-like, a proper high-held head and tightly curled tail are the signs of exceptionally high personal confidence. Here’s a unique inside look at Argus’ never before seen methods of developing legendary self esteem in his young wards.


Pugtona Training

image The training continues as Argus helps little Byron learn everything there is to know about being a pug. Today, the focus was on “banking and turning” at speed, and Byron was learning Argus’ tricks for running at top speed in a circle (otherwise know as “Pugtona”). Here, Argus is observing and commenting on Byron’s form and technique. It looks as though Byron is running a bit “front low” according to Argus, which is the result Byron not stretching out his stride enough. “The kid has potential, though,” Argus was heard to say.


Pugsville Recess

image There’s just so much for a little lordly pug in Pugsville to learn. On one hand he needs to strut like a proud pug, and on the other he must wear fashion with the utmost of style and grace. Then there are all the proper pug noises like grunts, groans, groggles, gripes, snorts, and sniggles. And then the pee-pads, don’t get him started on the pee-pads! It all adds up to an exhausting process, learning how to be just the right kind of dignified cute, Byron needed some quiet time with his favorite pink piggy.


Byron the Efficency Expert

image Byron is turning out to be an exceptionally intelligent addition to Pugsville, and potentially a genius efficiency expert. As you can see here, Byron has assessed the situation and resolved a highly efficient method for himself. Rather than play with his toys throughout the cottage, he has elected to play with them right in the plushly padded toy bin. Then, when he tires of play time, all he needs to do is stop and go to sleep. And when he wakes up, his toys are close at hand. Brilliant efficiency planning!


Walk This Way

image Argus is perhaps the most caring and benevolent monarch we’ve ever seen. Here, he’s showing more evidence that he’s really taking little Lord Byron under his wing and teaching him puggly ways and means. Here we can see Argus meticulously schooling Byron in the proper stance and swagger that denotes a pug of proper lineage. In this shot, it appears as though Argus is covering the appropriate bend and width of his rear legs… and Byron looks to be studying closely.


I Can Walk The Runway Too!

image The royal outfitters finally had their opportunity to spend some time with little Lord Byron at the specific request of Argus (he insisted that Byron be quickly brought up to the high standards of Pugsville fashion). Here we can see Byron practicing his action poses in anticipation of being asked to be photographed for the Fashion section. We’ll see what Argus thinks, but the kid shows promise.


Pugsville Press Relations

Here at the Pugsville administrative offices, we get a lot of email, phone calls, and letters asking for a number of things from Argus. As you can imagine, a monarch’s time is valuable, and not every request is either up to his standards or sparks his interest. As a general guide, we request all talent search agencies, movie producers, television production companies, and members of the press consult this list of Frequently Asked Questions prior to requesting an appearance from Argus. Please click here for the entire list of Frequently Asked Questions.


What’s Out There?

image Ah… to be a young strapping Lordling pug in Pugsville with an entire world waiting for you at your doorstep. Little Byron already shows signs of following in the footsteps of great explorers from the Pugsville House of Lords as he can barely take his eyes off the great outdoors. Is he fantasizing about grand excursions to the top of famous mountains? Perhaps he’s anticipating royal safaris on the Serengeti, or exploring the vast rain forest. The future looks bright for little Lord Byron.


Royally Tired

image Being a proper Kingly role model for the newest addition to Pugsville has taken it’s toll on poor Argus. As all great monarchs do, Argus took little Byron under his tutelage and showed him all the special niceties of being a proper Pug of exceptional title. From the appropriate manner in which to politely enter a a pee-pad, to the refined way in which to gnaw on a bone, Argus was there to teach Byron the most exquisite of manners. And now, Argus is demonstrating the proper regal nap method.


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