Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



October 2006

So Cute, It’s Scary!

image Goblins, witches and vampires from all over come to Pugsville for the annual spooky Pugtacular Halloween party. This year, King Argus is the grand pumpkin Pug. If you’ve never seen a dignified and sophisticated pumpkin before, you’re in for your first treat. Only King Argus can parade as a pumpkin of perfect poise.


Gang-up, Torment, and…

image Argus is teaching Byron the long-standing Pug group motto of “Gang-up, torment, and tease” when encountering unsavory dogs, cats, and assorted critters. Today, it’s time to gang up on a particularly irritating toy (at least, that’s what Argus told Byron) to teach it a lesson “once and for all!” Byron certainly looks excited as it becomes clear they’re winning and telling this toy who’s in charge!


Blending In

image Byron is taking hide-and-seek in plain sight just a little to seriously these days. He’s taken to finding all the interesting pug statuettes around the Pugsville Cottage and striking a pose to blend in. We’re a little worried about what’s going to happen next as the amount of time he’s able to stand still is on the rise—today it’s 4.7 seconds!


Warming the Autumn Bones

image Memories of frolicking in the Pugsville gardens are distant memories as the fun times of late summer and early autumn give way to 40 degrees in October! Argus is schooling Byron in the fine art of warming the pug-bones in front of the fire. From what we can tell, Byron is a quick study in not only that, but cozying up to his big buddy.


Sporty Driving Jacket

Byron is all the rage in his stylish new driving jacket, custom-fit by special order of Argus’ royal clothiers.


Hiding In Plain Sight

image Playtime can be a whole lot of fun here in Pugsville. Byron and Argus regularly play all kinds of games together, even hide and seek. Here, we can see Byron employing a particularly smart strategy, trying to blend in and look like one of the many pug statuettes. Too bad Byron can only stand still for 2.3 seconds, otherwise, he might have pulled it off!


My Best Friend

image Byron is learning one thing everyone eventually discovers about Pugsville, everyone loves Argus. After his first two weeks in Pugsville, Byron can barely leave Argus’s side as they’ve become the best of friends. Here we can see Byron discovered Argus (this time, actually and truly sleeping, not giving nap instructions), and what better nap pillow than the soft pug hair on the belly of your best friend.


Stick, Move, Juke and Jive

image While Argus is amazingly gentle and patient in helping Byron learn self esteem, every once in a while, he turns on the after-burders and gives Byron a taste of the moves of the master. Here, after some expert spins, jukes, redirects, and false jives Argus has run toward the Pugsville Cottage Evergreen Garden, while Byron is still looking for him in the Rose Garden.


Lessons In Napology

image Following up the intense lessons in self esteem and personal confidence, is Argus’ favorite puggy item to teach Byron, the proper proportion of nap time. After some lectures, study time, homework, exams, and a lengthy essay requirement, it looks like Byron is getting the knack of nap time pug-style. Argus claims he’s only pretending to sleep so he can supervise Byron’s progress, but I don’t think anyone believes him.


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