Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



November 2006

A November Adventure

image On this wonderfully warm November day, Argus decided to take little Byron on his first excursion into the vast Pugsville Pine Barrens bordering on the cottage south garden. Byron had a wonderful time climbing on boulders, tracking the scent of deer, eating wild blueberries, and learning more about Pugsville. Here, Byron is obviously giving orders to his Sherpa team below, as they prepare a final assault on the summit of this grand rock. —–

So Misunderstood

image Little Lord Byron is often so misunderstood these days. He really likes his big buddy Argus, likes him so much, all he wants to do is play. He really loves Pugsville, so much all he wants to do is lick the face of the Duchess all day long. He’s just always so happy to have a great buddy in King Argus and perfect home in Pugsville, that his ecstatic exuberance is so misunderstood these days. We know he’s just a stunningly happy puppy, and some day, he’ll be a perfect Pugsville Lord.


Decisions Decisions

image The royal chef has just entered the sitting room and is consulting with Argus and Byron on this evening’s dinner choices. As the chef reads through the list of gourmet selections, crispy sauteed salmon with creamed spinach, New Zealand brook trout saute with lentils, herb scented roast rack of lamb with broil vegetables, and pan seared hanger steak with herb garlic butter and pommes frites Argus and Byron simply cannot decide. So Argus stepped up and made the right kingly decision… all of them.


Peace and Contentment

image There are few moments as pleasurable in Pugsville as that quiet morning nap just after breakfast. Argus is showing little Lord Byron the finder points of the genteel lifestyle of royalty by keeping on schedule with the post-breakfast nap, and Byron is trying hard to learn. Here we see our little Lord’s head slowly falling into slumber as the warm sun streams in and says… sleep… sleeep… sleeeep.


Alone At Last!

image His Kingly patience having worn completely through, Argus has imposed himself and adopted a new strategy for dominance in the snuggle-bed elbow-room affair. Sprawl! He may look sound asleep, but we can assure you that our shrewd sultan of Pugsville has purposefully spread himself far and wide within the bed to ensure no hijacking lord makes claim to his precious space.


Two Too Many In The Snuggle Bed

image The royal patience of King Argus is legendary and known far and wide in the lands surrounding Pugsville. However, as little Lord Byron continues to expand into a proper puggsly girth, there are times when even a the exceptional patience of a benevolent ruler can wear thin. Byron has just settled into his favorite position next his buddy, but Argus has noticed a sudden and startling lack of elbow room.


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