Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



January 2007

Lady Isabella, Sugar, Spice, and…

The little bundle of sugar, spice, and everything nice has create quite a stir at Pugsville.


The First Annual Pugsville Battle Royale!

It’s a three-for-all as Argus, Byron, and Trashy Man fight it out for the title of Pugsville Tug-O-Maniac Champion!


Mmmm… Toasty

image All the impressive amenities of the Pugsville cottage are designed for the comfort and convenience of the pugs. During a frigid late January day, what could possible be better than a piping hot wood pellet stove smack-dab in the middle of the cottage? Why, a cushy bed filled with three toasty pugs right in front of the stove is what could be better! Argus, Byron, and Isabella all managed to fit into the hearth bed for a toasty warm afternoon nap!


Lady Isabella, Day Three

image Lady Isabella discovered that it’s a wonderful thing to be a pug in Pugsville. She found a wonderful “big brother” friend in her second cousin, Lord Byron, as he’s having a grand time showing her the ropes. Even the normally staid and reserved King Argus found himself warming to the irresistible, unavoidable, overwhelmingly cute face of “Lady Izzie.” We assured Argus that no one actually saw him, however.


Lady Isabella Adela Frances B. of Asherton

image Arriving this 20th day of January, 2007 in Pugsville with great fanfare and ceremony is the much anticipated new addition to the royal pugs, Lady Isabella Adela Frances B. of Asherton. Born on the 30th of November, 2006, Lady Isabella is an eight-week old second cousin of Lord Byron. Argus has decreed that today is an official state holiday in Pugsville so that all can take time off to welcome our new Lady.


What Did She Say?

image Sleep peaceful little pug angels for tomorrow a new friend arrives in Pugsville that is sure to keep eyelids open a little longer than normal. Tomorrow, the newest addition to Pugsville arrives with great fanfare and circumstance, Lady Isabella, the young 8-week old cousin of Lord Byron. Clearly, Byron has overheard a bit of the Duchess’ planning and is not quite sure he hear it right. We hope everyone isn’t overwhelmed by the overload of “cuteness” here in Pugsville, but that’s just the way it is here.


Trash Talk, Pugsville Style

image Once a week, a dreaded invader stops by the Pugsville Cottage and creates a terrible racket with banging, clanking, yelling, and metal machines grinding and disrupts the calm serenity so loved by Argus… the Trash Man! This terrible foe of peaceful nap-time deserves all the angry barks, snarls, growls, and grunts that a pug can put forth. Argus has taught Byron how to synchronize their barks to send a particularly strong message to their hated interrupter!


“Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better!”

image Byron’s first snow was a monuments event as he charged out the door to play in the fresh newly fallen layer of powdery fun. Just when Byron was convinced it couldn’t possible get any better at Pugsville, he’s surprised by this wonderful new thing that falls from the sky and tickles the eyelids. Here, Argus is schooling Byron in the finer points of making snowballs with your nose.


The Pug Whisperer

image Argus has been increasingly worried about Byron’s fear of the steep rear steps in the Pugsville Cottage. No matter what Argus does, Byron is still scared of the steep dark stairway. So, in a stroke of kingly brilliance, Argus sent his driver on a rush mission to summon the much celebrated “Pug Whisperer” to come at once. In the capable hands of Ben the Pug Whisperer, Byron was quickly learning to forget his fears and take the steps one at a time. Here, we see Argus supervising and helping to show Byron there’s nothing to be afraid of.


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