Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



February 2007

Aspen Style

In one of his rare modeling jobs, Argus brought Byron to Aspen for a photo-shoot for the Aspen Style Magazine article on pet fashions. Here we see the boys posing for one of the shots (they ended up not using this shot) near the resort lodge. Argus decided to accept this photo request, on the condition that Byron be included, to see if he can help jump-start Byron’s aspirations for a modeling career. So far, it looks like Byron knows how to work it.


Spoiled Little Lady

image All that glitters is a spoiled little pug. Lady Isabella is quickly learning all that Argus has to say about being a sophisticated pug of the aristocracy. And in fact, she’s turning into quite the little diva with her own growing staff of fashion and style consultants. Here we can Isabella is so pleased with one of the most recent custom creations from the royal jeweler that she would not take it off, even for an afternoon nap.


Three Pugs A-Tuggin’

image Little Isabella is not one to sit idly by and let the boys have all the fun. She’s learning how to be a tough little pug princess while maintaining a high degree of cute perfection. Here we can see our little lady jumping right in the middle of the boy’s tug-session and getting in a good tug, snort, and growl all of her own!


The Goob (Byron) Abides

Look, let me explain something. I’m not Argus, I look like Argus, but I’m not Argus, I’m Bryon, or The Goob.  So that’s what you call me.  That, or Goober. His Goobeness.  Or El Gooberino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing.


Lord Byron and his Nyla Bone

Lord Byron is enjoying some quiet time to focus on gnawing into one of the 12 favorite Nyla bones.

A Meeting With The Stand-Ins

image Every detail-oriented and proactive monarch has a team of look-alike stand ins in the event a royal presence is still required in situations where the advance security team has identified a risk. Here, King Argus has assembled his team of look-a-likes to select which will stand-in at the next function. Granted, these won’t due in a close up, but you’d never expect Argus to actually put a real pug in harms-way do you?


Nyla Race

image The Pugsville inventory was restocked by the royal inventory clerk with a new batch of fresh Nyla bones. And you know what that means—Argus and Byron each grab a bone to see if they can answer the age-old question. What is the question you might ask? Well, it’s “how many pug chomps does it takes to get to the center of a Nyla pop?”


Naptime For The Lady

image Lady Isabella has made a huge impact here at Pugsville. Poor Argus and Byron are running their little curled tails ragged as they cater to the needs and demands of our new high maintenance girlie-pug. So when the lady settles down for some much needed rest, the boys are quick to hunker down into nap-time faster than a pug gobbles a treat. Because, sooner or later, the lady will wake, and she’ll need tending to.


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