Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



April 2007

Argus, In The Sun

After the day’s excitement of an odd sound from the Pugsville Cottage south garden, Argus settled back to a wonderful afternoon nap in the sun. Click here for a special larger version


A Nap Interruption

The hazy, lazy days have come early to Pugsville this April. The three royal pugs were caught snoozing in the warm afternoon sun, only to be abruptly snapped awake by an unknown sound. Isabella, on the right immediately thought it was from someone coming to oogle lavish praise over how cute she is. Argus, in the middle, thought he heard someone open a jar of some tasty pug treats. And poor Byron, on the left, thought, “I already chased that ball 1,817 times today.”


A Favor For The Cultural Attache

This week, King Argus began an effort to foster new commerce opportunities between Pugsville and Labradorland. During the ongoing negotiations, it was learned that the Labrador Cultural Attache would be traveling abroad for several months, and was not satisfied with the accommodations for his son, Jeffrey “Scuba” Lebowski. Argus volunteered the Pugsville Cottage to serve as Lebowski’s home until his dad returns from his travels. Here we can see Byron is exhausted after a full day of “cultural learning and exchanges”.


Pugs Bunnies

The spring daffodils are in full swing in the east garden of the Pugsville Cottage. Byron and Isabella were so inspired by the flowers that they donned their bunny ears and hopped around the garden like two little easter bunnies delivering their eggs. After last year’s ill-fated attempt at spring-cheer, Argus decided to watch these two from the comfort of a cushion on the porch.

Tea Cup Mastiff

He drools and dribbles little gobs of drips.

He sprawls out wide, not cuddled up close.

He stays thin and lean, not wide and solid.

He digs little holes to burry little treasures.

He chases squirrels and retrieves what you throw.

But in the body of a pug this is no pug,

certainly not any pug that we have known.

A tea cup mastiff he is,

a giant heart, all our own.


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