Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella



May 2007

Izzie Ballou, where’s my other shoe?

Izzie Ballou the pug,
is the cutest little girl,
like a dewdrop ladybug,
she’s my tiny pearl.
If I go outside, or off to shop
she takes my shoe,
and runs to flop,
and not to chew.
I open the door,
and what am I to do?
Only one on the floor,
Izzie Ballou, where’s my other shoe?

The Pugsville Slammer


Playtime for Byron and Isabella as Argus attends to affairs of state and leaves them on their own. Isabella is pretending they’re being held prisoner in the Pugsville Pokey and is looking to “break out of this joint.” Byron, not quite in-sync with Isabella’s make-believe, is concerned about who will feed them if they escape.

Supervising The Spring Garden Work

Spring is in full session at the Pugsville Cottage, and King Argus is monitoring the progress of the grounds crew in the east garden. While spring typically means hard work, the crew is always honored when Argus presides over their efforts with his regal presence.

Where’s Izzie?

Isabella likes to play “peek-a-boo” in her plush new nap-bed that King Argus had custom made for her. Argus and Byron are a little disappointed that very little actual napping is going on. However, they’re pleased that she appreciates the expensive fabric made at the world-renowned Shitzu Monastery. We’re not certain, but we hear that being this cute is illegal in seven states.


And proud we are…

There’s an inside joke here somewhere… we only whish we knew where!


Where Should Little Lebowski Sleep?

The issue of nap time arose soon after little Lebowski settled in at Pugsville. After all, puppies need sleep, but proper pugs need even more sleep. Here we see our guest wondering how he’s going to find a soft spot to snooze. Click here to find out what happened next.


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