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August 2013

The Pugsville Pugs Need a Good Brushing at the Royal Spa

After a full day of water sports, jumping, diving, swimming, and fetching in the pool, our Pugsville Pugs are in dire need of a good brushing from the staff. Lady Isabella, in fact, refuses to go inside until she’s properly coiffeured.

Favorite Water Toys of The Pugsville Pugs

These stuffed frogs are Lord Byron’s favorite pool toys. He’ll spend hours, every sunny day, swimming after one or more frogs, in the wonderful Arizona sun.

Siesta Time

We see Lady Isabella laying in the shade of the portico having a little siesta.

A Good Long Chew

After a long day of swimming and sunning, Lord Byron needs to unwind and relax.

Here is his new favorite rawhide chew.

A Dust Storm Approaches Pugsville

King Argus alerted the Pugsville Royal groundskeepers about the hoboob closing in on his beloved desert paradise. His staff snapped into action and prepared for the worst.

The Favored Raft of the Pugsville Pugs

Gosh It’s HOT!

Gosh It's HOT!

Yes, that REALLY does say 109 degrees on the car dashboard.

Lady Isabella, Summer Surfer Girl

Lady Isabella is showing of her new Outward Hound pug-preserver while practicing some of her signature surfer-girl moves. She loves to wait until the float is near the side of the pool, then jump on and surf across the water.

Isabella practicing her surfer-girl moves
Isabella practicing her surfer-girl moves

Keeping Cool, Pugsville Style

Sitting on the pool steps, keeping cool, Lord Byron style!

Water Puggies

Argus and Byron sporting Pug-Preservers.

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