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July 2015

Finally A Real Old School Bakery

These cupcakes are so delicious. It is a real old school style bakery.

Byron’s First Day at Madison Square Dog Run

Just a few days after successfully establishing Pugsville in Manhattan, Lord Byron was anxious to get out among the common people and make his presence known. The first order of business was to assess the quality or the nearby Madison Square Park Dog Run, otherwise known as MadDogs. Lord Byron approves, and it has received the coveted Pugsville Royal Stamp of Approval.

New York City Welcomes Pugsville!

Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Chamber of Commerce pulled out all the stops in welcoming Lord Byron and Lady Isabella to New York City. Here we see the grand fireworks display, as part of the welcoming celebration, visible from windows of Pugsville, NYC. The fireworks were followed by an opulent black-tie affair where the Pugsville Pugs were given numerous accolades from state and local dignitaries and celebrities. Unfortunately, it was a Royal affair sanctioned by Pugsville, with no photographers were allowed, which is why we don’t have photos of the event. However, you may see some of the red carpet photos on “Page 6” of the NY Post. Billy Joel is reportedly altering some of the lyrics to Uptown Girl after meeting Lady Isabella.

Pugsville Relocates To New York City!

It took six long days and five even longer nights for the Pugsvill Royal Staff to organize the move from Arizona to New York City. Here’s a few pictures from the road, as Lord Byron and Lady Isabella supervied the journey.

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