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October 2015

Byron and Izzie On Their Way to the NYC Halloween Parade

The Pugsville Royal Costume and Formal Wear staff put the finishing touches on Lord Byron and Lady Isabella’s Halloween costumes as they prepared to head out to the most famous Halloween parade in the world; the New York City Halloween Parade on Sixth Avenue. As part of New York City’s celebration of the Pugsville Pugs returning to the city, look for Lord Byron and Lady Isabella on the lap of “The World’s Most Famous Man” who will be leading out the parade in a few hours. After the parade, look for our royal pugs to be partying with celebrities at the exclusive Gansevoort rooftop lounge costume party. Tom Hanks has requested the first dance with Lady Isabella.

Finally Friday!

Yes, we made it!

The Izzie Yodel (sort of) Finally Recorded

While playing in the Pugsville.NYC lounge this afternoon, Lady Isabella let everyone know how happy she was by gracing us with a few of her Izzie Yoddles. As we know from her profile, her little yodel is often referred to as the happiest sound in the world. While her little spontaneous yodels of joy were somewhat muffled by Mr. Bubble, everyone was so happy to hear even a muffled Izzie Yodel.

Lord Byron is Experimenting With Spiral Bully Sticks

Always one for a bit of experimentation in the name of science, Lord Byron just received a shipment of special spiral bully sticks. One of the key findings he hopes to uncover is whether or not they take longer to consume. He predicts that he’ll need to go through at least a dozen bully sticks, then compare his data against another dozen straight bully sticks, before he’ll be able to release his findings. All in the name of science. We’ll update everyone when Lord Byron is ready to go public with his research.

Did Someone Say Treat?

As Lady Isabella was deep in a beautiful little slumber, after an afternoon walk around Pugsville.NYC, someone on the Pugsville daytime staff happened to say the word “treat.” It may have been “trick or treat,” or “that was a treat,” or “what a treat,” but no matter, that’s one of the words that can wake our little lady. So, a treat we must now find!

The Secret Knome Home

Somewhere, deep in the forests of the Pugsville Country Estate, is the secret home of the Pugsville Knome. The location is impossible to nail down as, every time someone stumbles across the home of the Pugsville Knome, he quickly boards up and moves to another tree. But of course, Lady Isabella always knows where he is, and often brings him little flowers for his reading room.

Playing With Royalty

When Lady Isabella goes out to play, the Pugsville Security Team (PST) sends out the advance team to ensure that all is well. Here, our little lady is playing with a field labrador who was cleared by Reggie as part of the preplanning for the play date. As you can see, the labrador is clearly aware that he’s playing with royalty, and has been told to make sure Lady Isabella wins at fetch. Below is Reggie from the advance team, getting read to head out to the park and get ready for Lady Isabella’s visit.


Reggie has been with the Pugsville Security Team since Pugsville was in Connecticut, and served as King Argus’ package inspector for three years while receiving the specialized training necessary to be part of the PST Field Officers.

A Good Treat Haul

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron brought the Pugsville Royal Staff to their favorite pet supply store (it was open this time) to pick out some new treats for the Pugsville Chef’s pantry. Lord Byron was especially happy about the Bacon & Apple treats, while Lady Isabella is partial to the pumpkin and cranberry nuggets.

Flashback Thursday: The Bat Pug

Long ago, when Lord Byron was just a wee lad, he was a dashing capped crusader for halloween. Here he is, spotting some crime or other ill-deed that requires his intervention.


Lady Isabella Called for A Staff Meeting: This Will Not Stand

Today, Lady Isabella was required to have a stern meeting with the Pugsville Royal Staff today upon discovery of an inexcusable travesty:
Numerous tags which have been removed, contrary to the clearly stated warnings, from numerous pillows, mattresses, and furniture throughout pugsville

Being A Cute Pug Is Impossibly Exhausting

After a day of posing for fan and paparazzi photos, Lady Isabella is completely exhausted. At last count, the PR staff had tallied over five hundred photos by paparazzi and well over a thousand by fans and admirers. But even after such a hard day, and even in her sleep, Lady Isabella is the embodiment of cute. Listen closely for the “Izzie snore.”

A Message from Lord Byron Regarding Yesterday’s Security Incident

Dear Friends,

I want to apologize to all our supporters and fans for what happened yesterday at the Howloween Parade in Tompkins Square Park. As the Lord Protector of Pugsville, I called the security crash as the crowd around Lady Isabella was getting difficult to control, and suddenly someone was aggressively pushing their way through. The Pugsville Royal Security was able to get us to the Manhattan heliport and back to Pugsville without incident. However, I noticed that some of you may have been unexpectedly jostled by our security team, and for that I apologize.

Lord Byron
Lord Protector of Pugsville.NYC

Too Tired for Ball Time

After the grand festivities of the Tompkins Square “Howloween” Dog Parade, Lord Byron is feeling so tired, that he can’t muster his usual energy to head to the park for some fun with his friends. Even though he could really use some “ball time” (he loves to play fetch and keep-away with common every-day dogs), he couldn’t lift his head out of bed.

The Pugsville Pugs Visited The Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella decided to head out to the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade, and caused some mayhem as their Royal Security had to make rushed plans at the last minute. They had a great time posing for pictures and see what all the other dogs were wearing. And as you can tell by the photo gallery below, they were show stoppers as everyone had to get a picture of the Pugsville Pugs as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Byron Plays While Izzie Sleeps

As is almost always the case, Lord Byron is ready and willing to play with his ball, while Lady Isabella snoozes nearby.

Flashback Thursday: Bee Puggy

Here is our ‘bee’ loved King as the ‘bee’ utiful creature we know him to ‘bee’.

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