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October 2015

Pugsville Fall Fashions Arrive

As fall temperatures descend on Pugsville.NYC, Lord Byron and Lady Isabella took to the streets to show of the seasons new fashions in high style. Lord Byron is sporting a custom knitted sandstone and khaki sweater from Jenya2, that fits perfectly and is a breeze for his staff to get on and off. Lady Isabella is also wearing Jenya2, a beautiful black and lavender custom knitted sweater with pretty pink and lavender flowers and trim.

Winter Temperatures Come to Pugsville

A brief snap of wintery temperatures invaded Pugsville today, so it was a perfect time for Lord Byron and Lady Isabella to test out their new fleece coats from Pug Snuggly. Lord Byron is wearing a sporty camo coat with side pockets for his snacks and gear. Also in camo is Lady Isabella, but her coat has a few fashionable skulls and, of course, a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

No Midnight Snacks Today

Lady Isabella had a hankering for some organic Bison jerky from her favorite pet store, and Lord Byron could use a snack also, but prefers the blueberry biscuits. So the loyal Pugsville Royal Staff ventured out to oblige their wards. Unfortunately, the store was closed. Didn’t they know the Pugsville Pugs might be craving something at this time?

The Pugsville Staff Get a Chance to Relax

The weekly Pugsville duties all accounted for, the Pugsville staff finally has a chance to kick back and relax for a while. Here in Pugsville, even the staff enjoys the good life, with a properly prepared traditional martini. Oh, and a gourmet twist on “dirty rice,” with fresh green peppers, onions, zucchini, with a mix of premium ground sirloin and tender ground lamb and topped with a mixture of freshly grated cheeses.

Flashback Thursday: What do I smell?

Our little Lord Byron smells daisys and King Argus smells burgers. Some things never change.

Fall Comes To The Union Square Fresh Market

The Pugsville royal staff headed out to the Union Square Fresh Market to get the best ingredients for the Pugsville menu, and discovered lots of pumpkins, ghourds, corn, and other fall decorations.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 – Izzie and Byron In Their Halloween Costumes

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella had a great time with all the other costumed puggies at the Manhattan Pug Meet-Up Halloween party. Click any of the images below to open the slide-show, and see some of their puggie friends in attendance.

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