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October 2015

Lady Isabella Called for A Staff Meeting: This Will Not Stand

Today, Lady Isabella was required to have a stern meeting with the Pugsville Royal Staff today upon discovery of an inexcusable travesty:
Numerous tags which have been removed, contrary to the clearly stated warnings, from numerous pillows, mattresses, and furniture throughout pugsville

Being A Cute Pug Is Impossibly Exhausting

After a day of posing for fan and paparazzi photos, Lady Isabella is completely exhausted. At last count, the PR staff had tallied over five hundred photos by paparazzi and well over a thousand by fans and admirers. But even after such a hard day, and even in her sleep, Lady Isabella is the embodiment of cute. Listen closely for the “Izzie snore.”

A Message from Lord Byron Regarding Yesterday’s Security Incident

Dear Friends,

I want to apologize to all our supporters and fans for what happened yesterday at the Howloween Parade in Tompkins Square Park. As the Lord Protector of Pugsville, I called the security crash as the crowd around Lady Isabella was getting difficult to control, and suddenly someone was aggressively pushing their way through. The Pugsville Royal Security was able to get us to the Manhattan heliport and back to Pugsville without incident. However, I noticed that some of you may have been unexpectedly jostled by our security team, and for that I apologize.

Lord Byron
Lord Protector of Pugsville.NYC

Too Tired for Ball Time

After the grand festivities of the Tompkins Square “Howloween” Dog Parade, Lord Byron is feeling so tired, that he can’t muster his usual energy to head to the park for some fun with his friends. Even though he could really use some “ball time” (he loves to play fetch and keep-away with common every-day dogs), he couldn’t lift his head out of bed.

The Pugsville Pugs Visited The Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella decided to head out to the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade, and caused some mayhem as their Royal Security had to make rushed plans at the last minute. They had a great time posing for pictures and see what all the other dogs were wearing. And as you can tell by the photo gallery below, they were show stoppers as everyone had to get a picture of the Pugsville Pugs as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Byron Plays While Izzie Sleeps

As is almost always the case, Lord Byron is ready and willing to play with his ball, while Lady Isabella snoozes nearby.

Flashback Thursday: Bee Puggy

Here is our ‘bee’ loved King as the ‘bee’ utiful creature we know him to ‘bee’.

Pugsville Fall Fashions Arrive

As fall temperatures descend on Pugsville.NYC, Lord Byron and Lady Isabella took to the streets to show of the seasons new fashions in high style. Lord Byron is sporting a custom knitted sandstone and khaki sweater from Jenya2, that fits perfectly and is a breeze for his staff to get on and off. Lady Isabella is also wearing Jenya2, a beautiful black and lavender custom knitted sweater with pretty pink and lavender flowers and trim.

Winter Temperatures Come to Pugsville

A brief snap of wintery temperatures invaded Pugsville today, so it was a perfect time for Lord Byron and Lady Isabella to test out their new fleece coats from Pug Snuggly. Lord Byron is wearing a sporty camo coat with side pockets for his snacks and gear. Also in camo is Lady Isabella, but her coat has a few fashionable skulls and, of course, a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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