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November 2015

Happy Birthday Lady Isabella

Today marks the birthday of the happiest pug in the world, Lady Isabella. Her and Lord Byron will be having fun all day with special treats, visits by a few local dignitaries, and custom cupcakes from the Pugsville Royal Kitchen. She said it’s not proper for a lady of her stature to reveal her age, but that she should allow her friends and fans to celebrate nonetheless.

Can You Spot The Cutest Pug in The World?

Walking through Madison Square, we spotted this new art installation that is a complex arrangement of windows and mirrors. Reportedly, when you look in the “portals,” you can see all the landmarks in the Flatiron area. We didn’t quite get the right angles for that, but we did get the perfect angle for an amazing shot of Lady Isabella, waiting on the other side of the sculpture. She out-shined all the famous landmarks!

Lady Isabella In The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Lady Isabella was invited to join Santa in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as he traveled from West 77th Street to Columbus Circle. She really enjoyed her time with Santa, and especially wants to thank his elves, Kimberly and Susan, for their special attention to her needs as she prepared for the float. Our little lady enjoyed Santa’s lap for the first 20 blocks of the parade, and will not reveal what she asked him for Christmas.



Matching Pug Snuggly Houndstooth Coats

Lord Byron was seen swaggering his best Beau Brummell this chilly morning in his black-and-white houndstooth coat, with black lining, from Pug Snuggly. Lady Isabella insisted on a matching coat, with bright red lining and button. She is particularly concerned with their winter wardrobe, as she has often said, “We’re always likely to be recognized, and when that happens, we can’t be wearing something hideous.” Lord Byron really likes this coat, and will be wearing it this afternoon when he kicks of the inflation of the giant balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Lord Byron’s New Pug Snuggly

Temperatures continue to be chilly in New York City, which is causing Lord Byron to be much less of a morning pug than usual. But at least he’s toasty warm in his latest Pug Snuggly fleece coat.

Showing Of Her New Pug Snuggly

It was a nippy 36 degrees in New York City this morning, but Lady Isabella was toasty warm in her checkered-pink coat from Pug Snuggly. The double fleece coat kept our little lady looking and feeling great. But we feel obliged to warn everyone with an important message: dressing an incredible cute pug in an insanely cute coat results in much longer than anticipated walks: everyone wants a closer look.

Getting Ready For Turkey Day

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron are showing off their custom knitted and very festive turkey hats from Pugs-n-Giggles. Thanksgiving is a popular day in Pusgsville, not so much because of the traditions or festivities everyone else would think, but because our royal puggies get to eat a big feast. But this year, they’re especially excited because they’re going to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Lady Isabella Attends a Private Store Preview

Today, Lady Isabella was invited to attend the exclusive pre-launch preview of the new high-concept fashion store, Atelier 55 on Fifth Avenue. She was reasonably impressed with the designer’s choices, and vowed to return again after the store opens. However, it seems that she misunderstood the advice of her Pugsville Royal Personal Trainer, and mistook exercise for accessorize. I think we can forgive her, since she looks marvelous.

Finally, It’s Not Raining in NYC

As you can see, our little Lady Isabella is jumping for joy that the rain stopped in NYC. Well, maybe jumping on the inside. She’s still absolutely exhausted from having to don the all necessary protective gear just to take a proper poop.

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