Lady Isabella takes great care with her looks, and has a complex beauty regimen. Not content to simply be the happiest pug in the world, Lady Isabella must also be the cutest pug in the world. Every morning, the Pugsville Royal Spa staff gives her a complete rub down, from nose to tail, to maintain her cute posture. Then, she enjoys a luxurious brushing, with special attention to her facial folds and chin. Next, a quick blow and seven different oils and creams are applied to her little nose. The noon treatments are often a light oil or simple fragrance applied to her amazingly soft fur, to keep it amazingly soft. And finally, in the evening, she’s often seen spending up to two hours getting a complete nose to tail pug rub. This often takes so long, the staff can be seen watching television or Internet videos while tending to our little lady. In the morning, it starts all over again.