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December 2015

Here’s to a Pugtastic New Year!

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella and the staff of Pugsville would like to wish everyone a very Pugtastic New Year.

In the words of Tony Sinclair, the highly esteemed socialite, always in moderation. Be safe!

See you all in 2016!

It Was a Very Puggie Christmas at Mashable

Mashable released their pug-themed Holiday video, that features Lady Isabella and Lord Byron, as well as a few of their other puggie friends from New York City; BusterEmojiJameson, Oliver and Angel. They had a great time hamming it up for the camera, Lady Isabella even did a little dance at the 1:21 mark.

Your office holiday party, made better with pugs

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Today, this 23rd day of December is Festivus. A few of the festivities  are ‘the feats of strength’, which battles Lord Byron against King Argus in a tug of war, with a toy that Isabella personally picked out, to see who will come out victorious. There is a also the “airing of grievances”, which is going to take awhile. Apparently there are a lot of problems that need to be aired.

Happy Winter’s Solstice!

Today marks the longest night and the shortest day of the year. Here at Pugsville, we hope that everyone has a peaceful day.

The December Bark Box is Here!

What a fantastic day in Pugsville! When our royal pair returned home from the Mashable video shoot, they were excited to see the December Bark Box waiting for them. This month their box contained Seldovia Wild Salmon Jerky (we love salmon in Pugsville), a Cooper’s Cozy Flannel toy, a Harry Barker Leopard Slipper toy, a BarkMade treat tin, bacon gingerbread treats from Le Petit Treat, and some kind of ear chewy that was such a hit, Izzie mangled the label so quickly, we don’t know who made it. Thank you Bark Box for another great unboxing; poochas gracias!

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella at Mashable

Our royal pair just got back from helping Mashable put together a fun video for the holidays. Along with a few of their friends from the New York City Pug MeetUp group, they had a great time having an “office Christmas party” in the Mashable studios. As you can see, mayhem, treats, snorts, and kisses were all part of this impromptu holiday grumble.

A Vine Day at The Park

It’s a truly amazing mid-December in New York City, with bright sun and warm temperatures around 65; perfect for a day at the Madison Square Park dog run. Also perfect for Lord Byron to ham it up for some Vine videos with the Pugsville Royal PR and Social  Media staff. Here, our little Lord is following direction from the Director of Pugsville Public Relations, for a series of Vine videos showcasing his athletic prowess. He’s waiting for the right cue, before he runs out on deep post pattern to catch the throw.

Parisian Pug

I feel like I am miraculously transported onto a Paris balcony somewhere overlooking the Eiffel Tower, sharing red wine with cheese and a baguette with the love of my life. Thanks to All You Need Is Pug for this delightful beret.


The Order Arrived!

Lord Byron has been anxiously awaiting his first order of goodies from, and it arrived in Pugsville today. Byron made sure the order was complete, with all the special treats and food that he had specified. Lady Isabella was pleased because Byron finally got the flinger balls in his size, something he’s been grumbling about for weeks… none of the pet stores have the medium sized balls.

Lady Isabella Looking For Wild Wildebeest

Lounging on the sofa can be fertile ground for wonderful day dreams. Here, Lady Isabella is captured as if she’s thinking the puffy and furry pillows are tall grass from which she’s spotting wildebeest on the Serengeti. She’d never actually hunt a wild animal, as that would be most unhappy. Our little lady just likes to look.

Dino-Fleece This Chilly Morning

The crisp and chilly morning here in New York City seemed to call for a walk in our royal pair’s new dino-fleece from Pet It Dog Apparel. Lady Isabella is sporting a colorful florescent green with purple, orange, and blue spots, with an orange spiked crest. Lord Byron is keeping things fashionably simple with a solid florescent green and light blue spiked crest. During the midst of the photo shoot this morning, we were interrupted by a clearly jealous little dog who wished for her own warm fleece.

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