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February 2016

Byron Has A New Leash On Life

Byron has a new leash on  life. Thanks to Cody’s Creations on Etsy. Byron seems to be enjoying his new accessory. And Isabella approves also.

The Pack Is Whole Again!

There was a great deal of fanfare this morning; Byron is coming home! He’s well enough to leave the hospital but still not 100% as he will have to be nebulized and coupaged every few hours, with lots of pills to take for the next two weeks. We went out and bought a nebulizer (not as easy as you’d think in Manhattan) and watched several videos of how to coupage small dogs.

Coupaging is giving him firm, but not too firm, alternating pats on each side of his chest with a cupped hand. This would help to break up the remnants of pneumonia still in his lungs. Continue reading “The Pack Is Whole Again!”

Isabella Home and On The Mend

Isabella is home form the hospital and on the road to recovery. We bought the inflatable collar for her which seemed to work better than the cloth collar she had while in the hospital. We also needed to cover her back feet with something so that if she scratching her stitches in her underarm, there wouldn’t be any accidents. We tried socks for dogs but that was a wasted of money, they kept falling off. We bought a pair of Ultra Paws Durable dog boots (Izzy takes a petit size, and Byron takes an x small) and those did the trick. We got little dog tee shirts that she had to wear to keep the sutures covered as we had to be putting ointment on them. I found one that said ‘recovering from surgery be gentle’ on Continue reading “Isabella Home and On The Mend”

Isabella Gets To Go Home

Everyone in Pugsville took a big cautious sigh of relief today; Isabella was able to come home from the hospital.

She seemed so fragile, like a precious china doll someone dropped, broke, and put back together. A patchwork quilt of sutures criss-crossed her body. Our wonderful Doctor A cut little hearts and smiley faces to put on her bandage. It was just a little thing, but it spoke volumes. We knew she was in good loving hands. Continue reading “Isabella Gets To Go Home”

Isabella Getting Ready For Surgery

These are a few photos the doctor was kind enough to take of Isabella getting prepped for surgery. She looks like she is handling it with her normal grace and unflappable good nature.

We also can not begin to thank enough Dr. A (A as in Awesome) for her compitance and expertise in handling this situation. She also was very understanding and compassionate with us in our time of extreme stress. Most doctors are not like that. So we say thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us and our Pugs. We are so glad that we found you. We would also like to thank all the wonderful staff at the hospital for their professional and understanding nature. It gave us much comfort to know the pugs were in good and knowledgeable hands.


Byron Has Pneumonia

The day before Isabella was to go in for her surgery, Byron started to cough a little. We looked at each other and thought “Now what.” Throughout the night it got worse with our little guy coughing every few hours. By morning, we knew we had another problem on our hands and called the vet. By this time I am confident that the vet had our number on speed dial as we had theirs.

We took Isabella in for her surgery that morning, and Byron was to follow a few hours later.

We showed the vet a video we took of Byron coughing, thinking that he might not cough while in the doctors office. And we wanted to make sure that she knew exactly what it sounded like. She listened to his chest and decided to take chest x rays, and more blood work. She immediately thought that it could be kennel cough. The Bordetella vaccine should be given in NYC every six months, because she said that NYC is near epidemic levels of the virus. Continue reading “Byron Has Pneumonia”

Lady Isabella’s Cancer Journey

Let’s begin with how this all started for Isabella. At the time we started ‘freaking out’ about Byron, Isabella was not eating very well. One day she would eat normally and the next day she showed no interest in food at all. It was when she started to throw up that we became very concerned and decided needs to see a vet about this.

We had taken her to the same vet as Byron the day before. He did not give the thorough exam that seems so obvious and did nothing more than think she ate something on the sidewalk. Now we are so careful when we walk these pugs. This is NYC. The sidewalks are beyond bad…but more on that later. Continue reading “Lady Isabella’s Cancer Journey”

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning With Lord Byron’s Blindness

Let me start off by saying that if these words will help maybe one dog get help or one person find comfort in the sheer fact that you are not alone, then this blog will have been worth it.

It all seemed to start a few months ago when we noticed that Byron just seemed sad. His tail was down, and with pugs, the tail is always their barometer for happy. There really isn’t a better word to describe how he was acting. We also started noticing at the same time a weight gain, but again it wasn’t anything that raised red flags. He always got the same measured amount of food so we just thought that he is getting older and maybe to cut back a little on the food. But that was it. Continue reading “Let’s Start At The Very Beginning With Lord Byron’s Blindness”

Lightning Can Strike Twice: Lord Byron and Lady Isabella Health Issues

One day, not too many weeks ago, Lady Isabella and Lord Byron enjoyed a fabulous day at the park. Isabella was in a great mood, bouncing around spreading happiness to all the other humans, like a magical social butterfly. Byron made a new friend and had a lot fun playing fetch with a tennis ball as they charged after the ball together, sometimes Byron got it, sometimes now. It was a wonderful day.

Then, just a few short days later, Byron is bloated and can’t see very well, and Isabella is throwing up and not eating.

Continue reading “Lightning Can Strike Twice: Lord Byron and Lady Isabella Health Issues”

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