Everyone in Pugsville took a big cautious sigh of relief today; Isabella was able to come home from the hospital.

She seemed so fragile, like a precious china doll someone dropped, broke, and put back together. A patchwork quilt of sutures criss-crossed her body. Our wonderful Doctor A cut little hearts and smiley faces to put on her bandage. It was just a little thing, but it spoke volumes. We knew she was in good loving hands.

But it was also bitter sweet, for as we left with Isabella we knew that Byron had to stay a few more days.

Once home she was on antibiotics. Isabella never took pills very well. Even with savory pill-pockets, she’d swirl it around in her mouth, eat the pill-pocket, and spit out the pill. Smart. We also tried the manual way of just putting it down her throat and that didn’t have very good results either.

And I especially didn’t think that dogs could spit like humans. Well, our little Izzie can. When we tried to give her one of the larger pills, she spat it right out so that it landed on her forehead. So we bought a pill injector. The best thing we’e ever used, but we know that she secretly despises us for winning the pill war. We got our’s at Chewy.com. It was much easier to do and we knew she was getting the right dose of medicine.

We had two more night until our pack would be together again. Counting…