Isabella is home form the hospital and on the road to recovery. We bought the inflatable collar for her which seemed to work better than the cloth collar she had while in the hospital. We also needed to cover her back feet with something so that if she scratching her stitches in her underarm, there wouldn’t be any accidents. We tried socks for dogs but that was a wasted of money, they kept falling off. We bought a pair of Ultra Paws Durable dog boots (Izzy takes a petit size, and Byron takes an x small) and those did the trick. We got little dog tee shirts that she had to wear to keep the sutures covered as we had to be putting ointment on them. I found one that said ‘recovering from surgery be gentle’ on

Isabella is recovering well. We got the tests back, and all the margins look really good; there’s no sign of cancer in the skin surrounding the little tumors. We found out through the oncologist that Pugs have a predisposition to get mast cell cancer. Make sure that you check your little fur babies  for any bumps.

As it turns out, Izzie is a really smart little pug and seems to know she shouldn’t bother her sutures. There were only a couple times where she tried to scratch her side, and she never tried to lick anything, even the suture on her forearm.

We will always be cautious that the cancer will come back, but in the mean time we are relishing in every little snort, snore, and yodel that we hear.