There was a great deal of fanfare this morning; Byron is coming home! He’s well enough to leave the hospital but still not 100% as he will have to be nebulized and coupaged every few hours, with lots of pills to take for the next two weeks. We went out and bought a nebulizer (not as easy as you’d think in Manhattan) and watched several videos of how to coupage small dogs.

Coupaging is giving him firm, but not too firm, alternating pats on each side of his chest with a cupped hand. This would help to break up the remnants of pneumonia still in his lungs.

When we picked Byron up we didn’t know what to expect. We had hopes of being welcomed like how it used to be; happy barks and wagging tail. Instead, it wasn’t like that. He  was very confused and disoriented. He was our Byron, but a little older. We just hugged him and didn’t want to ever let go.

Once home he was also confused and very disoriented. As if we were bringing home a dog that has never been in the house before. Again, just sitting and comforting him and letting him know that we are there for him was all we could think of to do. Eventually he relaxed and began to walk around and smell everything, as if reaffirming where he was.

We are also reading everything we can about living with a blind dog. The internet can be a scary place to do research but it can also be very informative. One important thing that we have read so far is he needs a place in the house that is like home base. If he gets disorientated, we put him back at base and he seems to ‘right’ himself. That seems to be working. For us, his base is the water bowl in the kitchen.We have to constantly be aware of what he’s doing in this small NYC apartment, not to mention when we go outside.

Each time we nebulized, he’d lay on the sofa, either next to me or on my lap, and was clearly loving being home with mom. It was rejuvenating both of our souls and was very relaxing for him.

That night was a great night. We were all together again and the little sounds and the pure presence of both of them just being there was bliss. We are finding that the little moments are really big moments now. Living in the now seems such the right thing to do. We know we can do this and maybe this will help us to be better human beings because of it all. Byron depends on us now more than ever, and we are prepared to not let him down, ever.