Byron went to the vet again today for chest x rays to see about the pneumonia and how everything else looks. His chest is fine, just a slight trace of the pneumonia remains. He doesn’t have to use the nebulizer any more, even though he kinda liked that part. But he has another nine days of antibiotics to take. Thank goodness for ‘Pill Pockets’. They make giving pills so much easier.

The doctor took a urine cortisol/creatine level test, and we’re waiting on the results. Doctor “A” also took some blood for a few other tests, including those for thyroid and estrogen levels. The complete CBC blood panel came back already and he is little anemic, and his liver looks okay after all those steroids.

I am doing research into the connection between SARDS and Cushings disease. The book by Caroline Levin, ‘Living With Blind Dogs’ is a great research tool. There is a lot of information about coping, training and the different types of diseases that cause blindness.

Byron has a lot of the symptoms such as weight gain, lethargy, confusion and changes to his coat. Few SARDS dogs actually test positive for Cushings disease. In fact, it has recently been discovered that the majority of dogs losing their vision in the same manner as Byron, experience adrenal exhaustion. That’s a condition where the adrenal glands produce inadequate cortisol and excessive sex-hormones. Hence testing the blood for the estrogen levels.

You can easily lose your mind doing research on the internet, but her book seems to put it all in one place and simplifies things so you can knowledgeably talk to your vet. If you have a dog who is going through this, I would recommend getting this book. There are not a lot of books out there dealing with blind dogs to begin with, so get your hands on as many as you can.

We are waiting to see what the results are for the estrogen. We have all are paws crossed that elevated estrogen will be discovered, and a treatment plan started.

In the mean time, Byron is handling the new situation with his regal manner. He is being so good about everything. He is just amazing when we go to the vet. Like he knows she is really trying to help and he is wanting all the help he can get.