Well guess where we were again today. That’s right, the vets office. Fear not though, it was just for MORE testing.

Here’s the run-down on what Lord Byron went through today:

  • Ultra Sound: They were looking to see if any organs were enlarged, tumors, or anything else that wasn’t suppose to be there. Also because they wanted to rule out Cushings, they did look at the adrenal glands for tumors and found nothing.
  • ACTH Stimulation Test: The test may identify adrenal exhaustion (also known as atypical Cushing’s disease), the test is also known as cosyntropin, tetracosactide, or Synacthen test (I don’t know how they get ACTH from that). The test came back with a normal level for Byron.
  • Urine Cortisol Test: This came back negative which is another indication that rules out Cushings. We brought in a sample from home as the catheter at the vets office is stressful and can cause a positive result (who wouldn’t be stressed).
  • Blood: They looked at his blood levels again, concerned about the anemia, and was at levels not to be worried about, check that off too.

We are still waiting for the estradiol test to come back to tell us what the estrogen levels are. That is taking a long time for the results. It is frustrating waiting for this last test to come back. According to the tests so far, he is healthy for a nine year old pug. With nothing showing up as red flags.

I have started Byron on a antioxidant that he should be taking to help protect and repair the damaged cells. I purchased the brand Vetri-Science Cell Advanced. You can purchase that through Chewy.com as you can’t purchase it directly from the company’s web site.

Both Isabella and Byron’s diet have been completely switched over to homemade meals. All commercial foods and snacks are no more. It’s a real challenge doing this in a NYC sized kitchen but somehow it gets done. For a while they will be on a grain free diet as there are many vets online recommending this as a kick-start to their system.

And here’s a super-nutritious thing to add, sardines! They both really love them, and get about one a day, or every other day. Byron is enjoying them and hopefully will help him. The nutrients in sardines are suppose to help to regulate the dog’s immune system and reduce overall inflammation, also the Omega 3 is good for brain health. This is all in Caroline Levin’s book Living With Blind Dogs if you want to read more, as I try not to get into too much of the technical stuff.

All things considered all is going well and everyone seems to be adjusting to the new scenario. We take one day at a time and really enjoy the little things that we seemed to overlook and take for grated before.