This week we looked to the east. Byron had his second treatment of acupuncture. He was an impeccable patient and handled it with the poise and elegance of the regal pug that he is.
A few weeks ago we came to the conclusion to give acupuncture a try. Byron had one of his last defining tests to see if there is a physical reason for his blindness (and maybe a cure). An ERG test (Electroretinogram) was performed. We hesitated about doing this test for a time. We didn’t want to put any more undo stress on him. But thankfully we had a very understanding ophthalmologist who understood our concerns and fears and worked with us to make us comfortable about having the procedure done. We worked it out so Byron would not have to be there all day, being in a cage and not knowing where he is. We would bring him in, have the test done and then bring him home again. Here is a link to the what the test is, as I am not going to to get into the technical aspects of it.  ERG article and information

The results were a mixed blessing. It showed that Byron did not have (thank goodness) a disease affecting the central vision centers (optic nerve and brain). But the test also revealed that his retinas were no longer functioning. All hope of Byron ever seeing again was gone.
So as you can guess it was a mixed bag of emotions. A perfectly healthy dog in all accounts and in every test ran, but he can not see. We have gone through the whole range of emotions. From shock to fear to frustration anger and sadness. But as ‘paw’ents we needed to put those emotions in check and concentrate on giving Byron as normal and stress-free life as we could.
So with that information we went about looking to see what we could do to make Byron feel good and happy again. We have read numerous books on the subject. Some say dogs get depressed because of the lose of their sight. Others say the dog is just confused about what is going on and is picking up on the emotion of depression from the human. Either way, a positive vibe must be the key.

That is where acupuncture came into the picture. Acupuncture has shown to treat a lot of ailments. If we could help Byron de-stress and maybe get back to Byron being Byron, we had to give it a try.

We did notice a few days after his first treatment that he wanted to walk. It was a slow walk at first but he was walking. The next day he was very energetic in his walk and he looked good with his tail up as he strutted. Yes, I use the word strutted. There are other days though where he still doesn’t want to walk and thats okay too. Baby steps at this point. But we have noticed an overall improvement. Paws crossed that it continues.
There is going to be an adjustment time with his new situation. Every dog is different in how they handle their newly blind status.We are grateful for the fact that Byron is not in any pain. We will take one day at a time, and this day is really very good!