Always in search of products to help Byron get around, adapt, navigate, adjust and be safe, we’ve tried a few products that seem to be better than others.

Our first product that we bought is a Muffin’s Halo, which has very nice story behind its design and testing. The product has been featured in a lot of sites which gave it a lot credibility. They have won the SuperZoo award for best dog product for 2015.

It’s an exaggerated halter with big wings on the back to hold the halo in place. There are lots of sites telling you how to make one on the cheap from products from your local hardware store, but the Muffin’s Halo is prettier. You can get it in a variety of colors and themes. The product arrived quickly and all you have to do is velcro the halo to the wings and the wings to the harness. Easy.

I have watched lots of videos with other dogs wearing their halos and they were always in big houses or outside in a yard or garden. And it seemed to work well for them. I don’t think that it worked for us though. At this time, we live in a shoebox of a NYC apartment, and Byron kept getting stuck in corners and under chairs. Mainly because there is not a lot of space to move around in to begin with, and then poor Byron had these big wings on. It also makes me think of nerf basketball hoop every time he wore it.

The premise is a good on and the story behind the halo is a nice one. But for now we will put this product aside till bigger digs come our way. Byron gives it 3 out of 4 paws.

Here is the link to Muffins Halo