Today we had a miracle happen at Pugsville. Byron wanted to play.

It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most but Byron hasn’t wanted to play, with or without a toy, since he went blind. We thought that we would never see Byron be that sporty pug again. He seemed depressed and mopey. But today a door was opened.
He went into his toy bin and started looking for a toy. He found his ball that he use to play with when he was a sighted dog. He immediately wanted to play tug with it. This sort of thing has not happened in months.

Later in the day there was another break-through. He seemed more alert than he has been in months. We got out this ball that talks when it is touched, it’s call a Babble Ball. He played with that for quite some time.

We have to think that the three acupuncture treatments and the herbal supplements that he is on has something to do it. Dr. Barrack put Byron on a formula called Eight Treasures. He takes two pills a day and we clearly have noticed a change for the positive. The mind and the spirit of Byron are returning.

No, he will never see again and that is something that we have acepted. We always just wanted Byron to be happy and it seems like he is that again. Even Isabella seems absolutely happy to see Byron like that.

We would like to thank Byron’s acupuncturist Dr. Rachel Barrack @animalacupuncture.  I don’t think that we would be where we are today with Byron without her help.