Deep in the Altai Mountains, the ancient and secret order of the Nokhoi preserves the lineage of the most noble pug bloodline, extending back to the rule of the Xiongnu empire. From their monastery atop the peak of the Dalad mountain, with a distant and stunning view of the steppes of Mongolia, they have served centuries of Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese kings, warlords, and emperors by breeding the most royal of pugs.

Master Hishu, the latest in countless generations of his fathers and fathers’ fathers to be charged with this most sacred duty, painstakingly preserves the bloodline of Kontu, the original great Pug of Mongolia. One morning in July of 2002, Master Hishu was alerted to the birth of a most splendid litter of new pugs, with one that looked to be the embodiment of Kontu himself. Excited, Master Hishu raced to the nursery to see for himself, and he could not believe his eyes.

Sitting proud, upright, and strong, was a newborn male pug boldly presenting himself to the world, with the four other pugs of the litter surrounding as if in exaltation. Master Hishu lifted this rare pug and immediately felt the strength, dignity, honor, and legendary benevolence of Kontu. Word spread, and many monks, postulants, and servants soon filled the room to see this most extraordinary new king of pugs.

All eyes turned to Master Hishu, will he anoint this new pug as Kontu reborn? Master Hishu painstakingly examined the treasure in his hands, feeling every bone, every muscle, and looking deep into the newborn’s eyes. The room was dead silent, as it was clear he was about to speak. “You are a strong and worthy young man,” He said, “And clearly the spirit of Kontu reborn into this world. I shall call you Argus, King of Pugs, and may your reign in Pugsville be long and benevolent.”

Farewell To Our Beloved King