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King Argus, Lord Byron, and Lady Isabella show off their latest Pugsville’s fashions from their top designers.

Byron Has A New Leash On Life

Byron has a new leash on  life. Thanks to Cody’s Creations on Etsy. Byron seems to be enjoying his new accessory. And Isabella approves also.

Matching Pug Snuggly Houndstooth Coats

Lord Byron was seen swaggering his best Beau Brummell this chilly morning in his black-and-white houndstooth coat, with black lining, from Pug Snuggly. Lady Isabella insisted on a matching coat, with bright red lining and button. She is particularly concerned with their winter wardrobe, as she has often said, “We’re always likely to be recognized, and when that happens, we can’t be wearing something hideous.” Lord Byron really likes this coat, and will be wearing it this afternoon when he kicks of the inflation of the giant balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Lord Byron’s New Pug Snuggly

Temperatures continue to be chilly in New York City, which is causing Lord Byron to be much less of a morning pug than usual. But at least he’s toasty warm in his latest Pug Snuggly fleece coat.

Showing Of Her New Pug Snuggly

It was a nippy 36 degrees in New York City this morning, but Lady Isabella was toasty warm in her checkered-pink coat from Pug Snuggly. The double fleece coat kept our little lady looking and feeling great. But we feel obliged to warn everyone with an important message: dressing an incredible cute pug in an insanely cute coat results in much longer than anticipated walks: everyone wants a closer look.

Getting Ready For Turkey Day

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron are showing off their custom knitted and very festive turkey hats from Pugs-n-Giggles. Thanksgiving is a popular day in Pusgsville, not so much because of the traditions or festivities everyone else would think, but because our royal puggies get to eat a big feast. But this year, they’re especially excited because they’re going to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Lady Isabella Attends a Private Store Preview

Today, Lady Isabella was invited to attend the exclusive pre-launch preview of the new high-concept fashion store, Atelier 55 on Fifth Avenue. She was reasonably impressed with the designer’s choices, and vowed to return again after the store opens. However, it seems that she misunderstood the advice of her Pugsville Royal Personal Trainer, and mistook exercise for accessorize. I think we can forgive her, since she looks marvelous.

Lady Isabella Showing Off Her New Jenya2 Sweater

Just yesterday, Lady Isabella received a new shipment from Jenya2 Hand Knit Fashions and was excited to show off the latest creation this morning. This luxurious hand knit sweater fits perfectly, and the little red ruffles accentuates our little lady’s wiggly walk. Everyone had to stop and comment, and people across the street were all looking at Izzie — just they way she likes it.

It’s Cold in New York, But At Least We Look Fabulous

Even though the temperatures are finally turning blistery in New York City, our royal pair are the height of fashion in their sweaters from Jenya2 Hand Knit Pet Fashions. Lady Isabella turned heads all over town — which is hard to do on Saturday morning, with everyone recovering from Friday night — in her stunning multi-colored stripped creation. And Lord Byron was exceptionally dapper in a high-neck brightly colored cardigan. With the temperatures just barely above 40 degrees, our royal puggies were toasty warm.


Pugsville Fall Fashions Arrive

As fall temperatures descend on Pugsville.NYC, Lord Byron and Lady Isabella took to the streets to show of the seasons new fashions in high style. Lord Byron is sporting a custom knitted sandstone and khaki sweater from Jenya2, that fits perfectly and is a breeze for his staff to get on and off. Lady Isabella is also wearing Jenya2, a beautiful black and lavender custom knitted sweater with pretty pink and lavender flowers and trim.

Winter Temperatures Come to Pugsville

A brief snap of wintery temperatures invaded Pugsville today, so it was a perfect time for Lord Byron and Lady Isabella to test out their new fleece coats from Pug Snuggly. Lord Byron is wearing a sporty camo coat with side pockets for his snacks and gear. Also in camo is Lady Isabella, but her coat has a few fashionable skulls and, of course, a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 – Izzie and Byron In Their Halloween Costumes

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella had a great time with all the other costumed puggies at the Manhattan Pug Meet-Up Halloween party. Click any of the images below to open the slide-show, and see some of their puggie friends in attendance.

Cute And Nasty

I’m a bad girl… a very, bad girl… and don’t you forget it!


Spring Hoodie

A spring fashion tip from Isabella, “The need to stay warm on a cool spring day is no excuse to scrimp on fashion.”



Dahling, this is what all the fine pugs will wear this spring.

Ba-a-a-ad Girl

I might be cute, but don’t let that fool you! I’m as tough as any of those silly boys.


Of Whispers and Tears

A popular TV host with a show focused more on people training than dog training, stopped by Pugsville today for a special visit with Argus. Every once in a while, he (the host) encounters difficult problems with misunderstood pugs, and Argus is always happy to help him understand the unique nature, requirements, and expectations of pugs. But this visit, he met little Lady Isabella for the first time, and was so humbled by the experience, he left behind a rarely seen token of his admiration.


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