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Every Thursday we post a new photo from Pugsville’s past for you to enjoy.

Throwback Thursday

In the famous words of Monty Hall from Let’s Make A Deal, “What’s behind curtain number 1?”

And where is Carol Merrill?

Flashback Thursday: I Got Your Back, Even When Napping

The little Ying and big Yang. Way back when Pugsville first launched in New York City, Sir Alexander was the first Lord Protector of Pugsville. A big and strong Akita/Golden mix, Sir Alexander accepted  his duties of protecting King Argus with grave importance and deep love. Here we see our young king cuddling up to his big furry buddy, while Sir Alexander keeps one eye open during nap time.

My Baby

Sir Alexander quickly accepted, on his own, much broader duties as the self-defined protector of all pugs, and was often seen checking in on every pug he saw on the streets of New York.

Flash Back Thursday: Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

Lord Byron, being the elite athlete that he is, always keeps his eye on the ball. He first learned this years ago when the Pugsville Royal Polo Pro taught Byron the nuances of the sport of kings. While very good at Polo, Lord Byron tended to gravitate more towards the high speed games of squash, hand ball, and ping pong. But no matter the game, Lord Byron excels, because he keeps his eyes on the ball.

Sad Pug Is Sad

We don’t know why King Argus was looking so sad in this picture from 2008. We know he was well-fed, the Pugsville Royal Staff always saw to that. We know he was happy with the latest improvements to the Pugsville Cottage. Maybe he was waiting for his “Pug Rub.” In fact, that’s probably it. King Argus loved the deep-down full-fingered Pug Rub up and down his back. Yeah, that’s probably it. He’s thinking, “Put down the damn camera and give me my pug rub!”

Flashback Thursday: The Bat Pug

Long ago, when Lord Byron was just a wee lad, he was a dashing capped crusader for halloween. Here he is, spotting some crime or other ill-deed that requires his intervention.


Flashback Thursday: Bee Puggy

Here is our ‘bee’ loved King as the ‘bee’ utiful creature we know him to ‘bee’.

Flashback Thursday: What do I smell?

Our little Lord Byron smells daisys and King Argus smells burgers. Some things never change.

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