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Photos from holiday celebrations and events in Pugsville.

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter. Hoppy Spring. Hoppy Hoppy Everything.

Love,   The Pugs Bunnies

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Today we embrace the green with all its splendor. For today is St. Partick’s Day!

Lord Byron, Lady Isabella and the staff at Pugsville would like to wish everyone the luck of the Irish today and everyday.  Now let the festivities officially begin.IMG_5540

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Today, this 23rd day of December is Festivus. A few of the festivities  are ‘the feats of strength’, which battles Lord Byron against King Argus in a tug of war, with a toy that Isabella personally picked out, to see who will come out victorious. There is a also the “airing of grievances”, which is going to take awhile. Apparently there are a lot of problems that need to be aired.

Lady Isabella In The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Lady Isabella was invited to join Santa in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as he traveled from West 77th Street to Columbus Circle. She really enjoyed her time with Santa, and especially wants to thank his elves, Kimberly and Susan, for their special attention to her needs as she prepared for the float. Our little lady enjoyed Santa’s lap for the first 20 blocks of the parade, and will not reveal what she asked him for Christmas.



Getting Ready For Turkey Day

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron are showing off their custom knitted and very festive turkey hats from Pugs-n-Giggles. Thanksgiving is a popular day in Pusgsville, not so much because of the traditions or festivities everyone else would think, but because our royal puggies get to eat a big feast. But this year, they’re especially excited because they’re going to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Were a Halloween Hit!

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella’s 2015 Halloween costumes were a huge hit at the New York City Halloween Parade, the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade, and the annual Manhattan Pug Meetup Halloween Party. So much so that the Pugsville Royal Staff have been fielding numerous requests from fans to learn more about how the costumes were made. The pom pom ear warmers were sourced from Pugs-n-Giggles on Etsy, as well as the cute little leg warmers. The Pugsville Seamstress prepared the custom tuu-tuu, which was a real challenge given Lord Byron’s need to freely make his royal mark wherever he likes. Our royal pair want to thank all their fans for the huge support and interest during this very busy Pugsville weekend.

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella Leading Off The New York City Halloween Parade

A Pugsville fan at the 42nd New York City Halloween Parade captured this shot of Lady Isabella and Lord Byron with the parade’s Grand Marshall, The World’s Most Interesting Man. After leading off the parade, our royal pair headed off to the New York 1 broadcast center to help provide commentary on some of the more interesting costumes of the night.

Flashback Thursday: The Bat Pug

Long ago, when Lord Byron was just a wee lad, he was a dashing capped crusader for halloween. Here he is, spotting some crime or other ill-deed that requires his intervention.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 – Izzie and Byron In Their Halloween Costumes

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella had a great time with all the other costumed puggies at the Manhattan Pug Meet-Up Halloween party. Click any of the images below to open the slide-show, and see some of their puggie friends in attendance.

Pugs Bunnies

The spring daffodils are in full swing in the east garden of the Pugsville Cottage. Byron and Isabella were so inspired by the flowers that they donned their bunny ears and hopped around the garden like two little easter bunnies delivering their eggs. After last year’s ill-fated attempt at spring-cheer, Argus decided to watch these two from the comfort of a cushion on the porch.

Happy Howlidays!

image All the packages are opened. All the presents are enjoyed. The festive food has been eaten. Peace and goodwill is felt all through Pugsville. Argus and Byron enjoy a little downtime between holiday festivities at Pugsville, and that’s a good thing to as it looks like Byron has had a little too much eggnog (and we wonder if he found the “adult’s” punch bowl). Argus, as usual, is the picture of poise and sophistication.

Santa Visits Pugsville

image Earlier today, Santa Clause paid a visit to Pugsville to say hello to his favorite Pug, King Argus. During his visit, Santa was heard to say that he now has discovered he has two favorite pugs! But even though it was clear that the jolly man in red showed a big warm spot for little Lord Byron, Santa discovered Byron was still reluctant to sit in his lap. So Argus jumped up to show Byron everything was okay. And when Santa asked Byron what he wanted for Christmas, Byron said he wanted to be just like Argus.


So Cute, It’s Scary!

image Goblins, witches and vampires from all over come to Pugsville for the annual spooky Pugtacular Halloween party. This year, King Argus is the grand pumpkin Pug. If you’ve never seen a dignified and sophisticated pumpkin before, you’re in for your first treat. Only King Argus can parade as a pumpkin of perfect poise.


Was That a Smile?

image As the day’s celebrations wound down, Argus found himself wandering through the horde of gifts, cards, and letters that were bestowed upon the Duchess. But the earlier annoyances of the day simply could not be ignored by our beloved monarch. Try as he might, our staunch trooper forced himself to make it through the day. But here, as the royal staff was cleaning and Argus looked through the mass of cards, we see what might be the closest thing to a smile we’ve seen all day. Certainly it must have been something encouraging in that card with all the pugs!


Angry Pugs Bunny

imageEaster is always a big time in any kingdom, and is no exception. But this year, King Argus was not his typical cheeful self as master of spring ceremonies. Whether we began too early this year and interrupted precious spring nap-time, or the regal pink bunny ears were just a touch too tight from too much winter feasting, we will never really know as the King is expressing some dissatisfaction at this point. But the true royal blood knows to continue with the ceremony no matter what, and despite the “angry bunny” look adorning the King’s facade, we completed the photo session and a nice nap was soon to follow. Perhaps next year the royal bunny ear fitters will check the fit before the photo session.


Holiday Time

image Every year, King Argus makes sure Santa ‘Claws’ stops by the palace for a review of all the pugs that deserve special notice this year. But each year, it tends to be the same story over and over. Argus never hears of any “bad” pugs. How could there be such a thing. So we can see a very impatient Santa as he waits until Argus completes his list of “special pugs”, which tends to be all the pugs Argus knows about. And that’s quite a lot of pugs.


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