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Pugs About Town

The Pugsville Royale Photographer documenting Lord Byron and Lady Isabella as they explore New York City.

One Last Cruise Of The Pugsville Yacht

On this cold but sunny day in New York City, Lord Byron donned his captain hat for one last cruise of the Pugsville Royal Yacht around Manhattan. Here we see Lord Byron on the upper deck, supervising the last leg of the cruise before they head to the dry dock on Long Island. This picture was taken just after the staff delivered his champagne, which was not the brand he had specified for the season-ending cruise… so Byron is looking a bit disappointed.

Byron’s captain’s  hat is from Pampered Whiskers, original pet hats.

Lady Isabella Has A Thing For Accuracy: The Jets Play in New Jersey

Having heard that the Empire State building would be lit up with green lights for the Thursday Night Football game, featuring the Buffalo Bills and the New Jersey Jets, she had to see for herself. And yes, sure enough, the lights were green.


The lights should have been Blue and Red, the colors of the Buffalo Bills, which is the only football team that plays in New York State. She’s going to call the mayor to complain later this evening.

Checking Out Locations for the Pugsville Pub

This evening, Lady Isabella and Lord Byron headed out to review a potential location for the Puvsville Pub. Having heard good things about the decades-old solid oak bar at this recently closed restaurant, Lord Byron had high hopes. However, Lady Isabella became irritated when the landlord was late, and double irritated at the “hideous” (her word) sign he put in the window (that font is embarrassing, she also said). Our royal pair waited 15 minutes past the appointed hour, then left — which was generous, no royal pug should have to wait, ever. The pair will continue their search to establish the perfect pub, where everyone can get civilized conversation with a proper pint.

Izzie Bomb: Lady Isabella Photo Bombing

At yesterday’s New York City Pug MeetUp, Lady Isabella was having a bit of fun with the Pugsville Royal Photographer. Already the happiest little pug in the world, Lady Isabella was feeling extra playful, and making it harder for our poor photographer to get the full compliment of photos he was assigned.

Lady Isabella, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

What can possibly be said about Lady Isabella that hasn’t already been said? Our perfect little fluffy lady had a wonderful day at the park and is looking forward to exploring more of New York City in the coming months.

Izzie and Byron Find Wildflowers Around Gracie Mansion

After exploring Carl Schurz park, Lady Isabella wanted to walk by Gracie Mansion and say hi to the Mayor of New York City. As it turned out, the Mayor was not at home, and sent his regrets via a tweet with a selfie.


Seeing how disappointed Lady Isabella was, Lord Byron caught a whiff of something that might cheer her up, wildflowers!  Sure enough, not far from the gate was a wonderful planting of wildflowers that smelled absolutely wonderful. And as they followed their noses, they uncovered a secret wildflower garden just north of Gracie Mansion, that was hiding the FDR overpass ventilation grates. What a fantastic chance encounter, and something that could only happen in New York City.

Izzie and Byron Explore Carl Schurz Park

Today, Lord Byron declared that it was time he and Lady Isabella start exploring their new town, New York City. The first destination, Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side. After visiting the spectacular garden surrounding the famous Peter Pan statue, our royal pair took in the wonderful rustic surroundings that are maintained by local volunteers. Then, of course, they made some new friends at the dog run.

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