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Every once in a while, the Pugsville Royal Staff are given leave, and wander outside the confines of Pugsville for some recreation. When they see something interesting, they’re allowed to make a post.

It’s Time…

Pugsville Is On The Move

We have some exciting news in Pugsville today. It’s official. Pugsville is moving. In July, Pugsville will leave New York City. The city has not always been a compassionate and understanding place. And this is increased with a blind dog. Both Isabella and especially Byron felt that they would be much happier in the quiet of the burbs. After the insane winter of perpetual tears, we all need the serenity and security that the city cannot offer. So we are going back ’home’ to Buffalo NY. Something magical in the winds has been calling us lately. And so we are answering the call. Originally from Buffalo, it feels so exciting to be going back to familiar roots. Right now the most wonderful feeling is having things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.

A Reminder From Lady Isabella: Today is Veterans Day

Take the time to thank the veterans. You’ll feel better, and they deserve it.

It IS Grand! Grand Central Terminal and Market

The Pugsville Royal Kitchen Staff took their camera with them as they headed off to Grand Central Terminal, and the market at the Lexington Avenue doors. While Grand Central really is grand, so are the amazing fresh food selections at the Grand Central Market. The staff picked up some excellent filet, flank steak, chicken, salmon, shrimp, and lots of Lady Isabella’s favorite cheese, pecorino romano. They also bought some fresh vegetables, but who wants to hear about that?

The Magic of New York City in November

Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures in New York City, Lady Isabella and Lord Byron wanted the staff to take them out for a late night walk in the areas surrounding Pugsville.NYC. Walking through Madison Square Park, Lady Isabella noticed the magical beauty of the fountain with the leaves from the acorn trees falling like fairies floating down for a late night skinny dip. She directed the Royal Photographer to try and capture the magic of the evening. We think it came out pretty good.

It’s Times Square But The Food Is Pretty Good

The Pugsville Royal staff was allowed some time off to see a show and get some dinner. Say what you will about the madness in and around Times Square, but any place that has a proper pub is okay by us. The staff stopped at Emmett O’Lunney’s for a excellent beef strew and pub burger with blue cheese. The show was okay, but the meal was outstanding.

Somewhere in NYC

In this crazy place we call New York City, to have such beauty just a few minutes away is truly amazing.

Finally Friday!

Yes, we made it!

The Secret Knome Home

Somewhere, deep in the forests of the Pugsville Country Estate, is the secret home of the Pugsville Knome. The location is impossible to nail down as, every time someone stumbles across the home of the Pugsville Knome, he quickly boards up and moves to another tree. But of course, Lady Isabella always knows where he is, and often brings him little flowers for his reading room.

A Good Treat Haul

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron brought the Pugsville Royal Staff to their favorite pet supply store (it was open this time) to pick out some new treats for the Pugsville Chef’s pantry. Lord Byron was especially happy about the Bacon & Apple treats, while Lady Isabella is partial to the pumpkin and cranberry nuggets.

The Pugsville Staff Get a Chance to Relax

The weekly Pugsville duties all accounted for, the Pugsville staff finally has a chance to kick back and relax for a while. Here in Pugsville, even the staff enjoys the good life, with a properly prepared traditional martini. Oh, and a gourmet twist on “dirty rice,” with fresh green peppers, onions, zucchini, with a mix of premium ground sirloin and tender ground lamb and topped with a mixture of freshly grated cheeses.

Fall Comes To The Union Square Fresh Market

The Pugsville royal staff headed out to the Union Square Fresh Market to get the best ingredients for the Pugsville menu, and discovered lots of pumpkins, ghourds, corn, and other fall decorations.

Finally A Real Old School Bakery

These cupcakes are so delicious. It is a real old school style bakery.

Gosh It’s HOT!

Gosh It's HOT!

Yes, that REALLY does say 109 degrees on the car dashboard.

The Pugsville Garden Blooms

Always Something Beautiful In Pugsville

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