On the 20th of January, 2007, a great fluffy cloud smelling of lavender and elderberries, came to Pugsville behind a team of gleaming white unicorns. As the cloud touched the earth, a great celestial orchestra and chorus of angels sounded the greatest of fanfare as the cloud wafted away to reveal a perfect pug puppy, Lady Isabella.

The lead unicorn gently nudged the little lady and said in a voice that was more music than speech, “Here is your new home, with your cousin Lord Byron. Bring joy and happiness to this place, and every place that you go.” With a squeakily little stretch, she thanked the unicorns and bounded joyfully into the presence of King Argus, Lord Byron, and the hearts of the Pugsville Royal Staff.

Ever since her glorious arrival, Lady Isabella has been a constant source of delight. She is widely known for the “Izzie Yodel,” which is a unique little sound, described by many as the happiest sound in the world. Anyone fortunate enough to hear this most amazing little yodel is immediately lifted in mood and spirit.

Currently seen all over the areas of Manhattan that surrounds Pugsville.NYC, Lady Isabella is happy to great any person or dog in her continued quest to bring joy and happiness to every place she goes. Like a butterfly, she goes where she pleases, and pleases where she goes.