High atop mount Olympus, where the gods of old still reign in benevolent watchfulness, Zeus’s attention wandered toward Pugsville, during the summer of 2006. Admiring the royal grace of King Argus, Zeus decreed that this most regal of pugs should be rewarded with a loyal aide-de-camp to serve and protect the kingdom of Pugsville.

Taking from the strength of Hercules, the swagger of Apollo, and the love of water from Poseidon, Zeus crafted an athletic and brave pug, unlike any other before it. Holding this new pug in his hands, Zeus was pleased and named him Lord Byron Protector of Pugsville. Revealing Lord Byron to the other gods, they all marveled at the handsome and brave puppy lovingly crafted by Zeus.

With the voice of mountains colliding, Zeus said, “I have for King Argus this gift of my admiration for he and his kingdom. May Lord Byron Protector of Pugsville serve you with the loyalty only the gods of olympus can bestow.” And with that, Zeus handed Lord Byron to Apollo to be taken down to earth, and delivered to Pugsville.

As Apollo turned to leave, Aphrodite stopped him just before he was to leap from Olympus. She turned to Lord Byron, and with a kiss to his forehead, bestowed upon him a delicate and loving heart. “Be gentle, kind, and tender,” She whispered into Lord Byron’s ear, “For the earth has need of warmhearted heroes.”