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Flashback Thursday: I Got Your Back, Even When Napping

The little Ying and big Yang. Way back when Pugsville first launched in New York City, Sir Alexander was the first Lord Protector of Pugsville. A big and strong Akita/Golden mix, Sir Alexander accepted  his duties of protecting King Argus with grave importance and deep love. Here we see our young king cuddling up to his big furry buddy, while Sir Alexander keeps one eye open during nap time.

My Baby

Sir Alexander quickly accepted, on his own, much broader duties as the self-defined protector of all pugs, and was often seen checking in on every pug he saw on the streets of New York.

Best Friends


As the days progressed soon after our King’s arrival, he became closer and closer to his assigned royal guard, Sir Alexander. Here, you can see yet another moment where the two have settled into a nice afternoon snooze after playing a round of chess. Argus is exhausted, yet Sir Alexander is still keeping at least one eye open.

Urban Safari

imageDuring our Kings early formative years, he spend a great deal of time soaking in the culture and urban delights of Manhattan. Refined and dignified at an early age, Argus enjoyed regular excursions to the varied museums, fine restaurants, galleries, shows, and especially outdoor cafes. He developed a connoisseur’s palette for fine wines, an expert’s eye for modern art composition, a deep understanding of natural history, and a passion for fresh cannoli and perfect cappuccino. And every excursion into the urban landscape was always accompanied by his royal carrier and especially his faithful guard and defender of all pugs, Sir Alexander.


Cozy Napping Buddy

image When you’re a refined and pampered creature such as King Argus, there are few things in life better than a nap with your best friend. And it’s even better when your best friend is soft, warm, kind-hearted, gentle, and your devoted royal body guard who sleeps with one eye open.


The Royal Guard

IMG_2057 Every King must have an appropriately loyal Royal Guard to serve as body guard and functionary at official functions and such. Here, Argus is protected during a much deserved nap by his best friend and loyal guard, Alexander. Notice Alexander is facing the door, while protecting the King’s back. No harm, surprise, or other interruption will disrupt the King’s nap while Alexander is on duty.

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