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Flashback Thursday: I Got Your Back, Even When Napping

The little Ying and big Yang. Way back when Pugsville first launched in New York City, Sir Alexander was the first Lord Protector of Pugsville. A big and strong Akita/Golden mix, Sir Alexander accepted  his duties of protecting King Argus with grave importance and deep love. Here we see our young king cuddling up to his big furry buddy, while Sir Alexander keeps one eye open during nap time.

My Baby

Sir Alexander quickly accepted, on his own, much broader duties as the self-defined protector of all pugs, and was often seen checking in on every pug he saw on the streets of New York.

Sad Pug Is Sad

We don’t know why King Argus was looking so sad in this picture from 2008. We know he was well-fed, the Pugsville Royal Staff always saw to that. We know he was happy with the latest improvements to the Pugsville Cottage. Maybe he was waiting for his “Pug Rub.” In fact, that’s probably it. King Argus loved the deep-down full-fingered Pug Rub up and down his back. Yeah, that’s probably it. He’s thinking, “Put down the damn camera and give me my pug rub!”

Flashback Thursday: Bee Puggy

Here is our ‘bee’ loved King as the ‘bee’ utiful creature we know him to ‘bee’.

Flashback Thursday: What do I smell?

Our little Lord Byron smells daisys and King Argus smells burgers. Some things never change.

Farewell To Our Beloved King

King Argus was as regal and dignified as any loving and caring royalty could be. He took the changes from New York City, to Connecticut, and Phoenix with all the style and elegance of a true benevolent monarch. He loved to eat snow as much as he loved to bask in the desert sun. Running in wide open fields was as effortless to him as swimming in a luxurious pool. When we adopted other pugs, he taught them his regal nature, as well as how to play fetch, tug-of-war, and alert the royal staff to the slightest unexpected sound.
Argus will be sorely missed, he leaves a hole impossible to fill, but his kindhearted nature and personality will be long remembered by all who knew him. Farewell my King.

We at Pugsville want to thank the amazingly compassionate people at Happy Endings Euthanasia for a dignified and peaceful departure of this earth, for our beloved King. This is the review we posted to their site:

There aren’t enough words available in the english vocabulary to properly describe the compassion and care of the people at Happy Endings in ensuring a dignified farewell to long-loved furry best friends. The oldest of our three pugs was approaching diminished quality of life, and we were forced to face our final loving kindness for our beloved Argus. Dr. Fixler and his wife did everything to ensure a comfortable and solemn good-bye that was relaxing and loving. Our pets often embody the deepest of our love, and the intense grief Dr. Fixler and his wife must experience on a weekly basis would overwhelm lesser people. Thankfully, we have them and their willingness to perform this valuable service.

A Beautiful Day To Be A Pugsville Pug

King Argus and Lord Byron are taking full advantage of the beautiful Arizona sun this September in Pugsville.

The Pugsville Pugs Need a Good Brushing at the Royal Spa

After a full day of water sports, jumping, diving, swimming, and fetching in the pool, our Pugsville Pugs are in dire need of a good brushing from the staff. Lady Isabella, in fact, refuses to go inside until she’s properly coiffeured.

Water Puggies

Argus and Byron sporting Pug-Preservers.

Just Loungeing About

All this swimming and loungeing by the pool is just exhausting.

The Pugs cozy up and wait while Chef prepares dinner.

Three Wet Pugs Are We

Here we see our three little Pugsville Pugs enjoying the pool on a sizzling hot Arizona day.

King Argus is pleased with Phoenix

After the long trip from the east coast, King Argus finds that he is very pleased with the Arizona sun in March. Our beloved monarch has granted his permission to establish Pugsville in Phoenix, so long as appropriate standards of comfort are maintained.

Into The Future


Pugsville Is Moving. As the whim of royalty is often unpredictable and, at best, fickle, King Argus one day decided that Pugsville must move. Move where you might ask? Well, according to Argus, where he is needed the most—where Pugs are few, people are friendly, the weather is cool, and he where can establish a new order of Puggery among the eager masses. And as we know, Argus is a hands-on monarch, so here he is with the lead truck in the Pugsville convoy, blazing the trail into a new future for pugs everywhere.

Supervising The Spring Garden Work

Spring is in full session at the Pugsville Cottage, and King Argus is monitoring the progress of the grounds crew in the east garden. While spring typically means hard work, the crew is always honored when Argus presides over their efforts with his regal presence.

And proud we are…

There’s an inside joke here somewhere… we only whish we knew where!


Argus, In The Sun

After the day’s excitement of an odd sound from the Pugsville Cottage south garden, Argus settled back to a wonderful afternoon nap in the sun. Click here for a special larger version


Aspen Style

In one of his rare modeling jobs, Argus brought Byron to Aspen for a photo-shoot for the Aspen Style Magazine article on pet fashions. Here we see the boys posing for one of the shots (they ended up not using this shot) near the resort lodge. Argus decided to accept this photo request, on the condition that Byron be included, to see if he can help jump-start Byron’s aspirations for a modeling career. So far, it looks like Byron knows how to work it.


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