Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella




The Pugsville Garden Blooms

A Meeting With The Stand-Ins

image Every detail-oriented and proactive monarch has a team of look-alike stand ins in the event a royal presence is still required in situations where the advance security team has identified a risk. Here, King Argus has assembled his team of look-a-likes to select which will stand-in at the next function. Granted, these won’t due in a close up, but you’d never expect Argus to actually put a real pug in harms-way do you?


Blending In

image Byron is taking hide-and-seek in plain sight just a little to seriously these days. He’s taken to finding all the interesting pug statuettes around the Pugsville Cottage and striking a pose to blend in. We’re a little worried about what’s going to happen next as the amount of time he’s able to stand still is on the rise—today it’s 4.7 seconds!


Hiding In Plain Sight

image Playtime can be a whole lot of fun here in Pugsville. Byron and Argus regularly play all kinds of games together, even hide and seek. Here, we can see Byron employing a particularly smart strategy, trying to blend in and look like one of the many pug statuettes. Too bad Byron can only stand still for 2.3 seconds, otherwise, he might have pulled it off!


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