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Happy Howlidays!

image All the packages are opened. All the presents are enjoyed. The festive food has been eaten. Peace and goodwill is felt all through Pugsville. Argus and Byron enjoy a little downtime between holiday festivities at Pugsville, and that’s a good thing to as it looks like Byron has had a little too much eggnog (and we wonder if he found the “adult’s” punch bowl). Argus, as usual, is the picture of poise and sophistication.

Santa Visits Pugsville

image Earlier today, Santa Clause paid a visit to Pugsville to say hello to his favorite Pug, King Argus. During his visit, Santa was heard to say that he now has discovered he has two favorite pugs! But even though it was clear that the jolly man in red showed a big warm spot for little Lord Byron, Santa discovered Byron was still reluctant to sit in his lap. So Argus jumped up to show Byron everything was okay. And when Santa asked Byron what he wanted for Christmas, Byron said he wanted to be just like Argus.


The 2006 Royal Portrait

image Here we see King Argus posing for his official 2006 portrait. This year, to honor his loyal workers who created the spectacular gardens surrounding the Pugsville Cottage, Argus choose the garden throne as the location for this year’s portrait. This year, we see a tranquil and contemplative Argus, surrounded by his favorite fora and fauna. Posters available in the village gift shop.


Was That a Smile?

image As the day’s celebrations wound down, Argus found himself wandering through the horde of gifts, cards, and letters that were bestowed upon the Duchess. But the earlier annoyances of the day simply could not be ignored by our beloved monarch. Try as he might, our staunch trooper forced himself to make it through the day. But here, as the royal staff was cleaning and Argus looked through the mass of cards, we see what might be the closest thing to a smile we’ve seen all day. Certainly it must have been something encouraging in that card with all the pugs!


Pugnacious Party-Pooper Pug

image All of Pugsville came out to celebrate a very important event, the birthday of The Duchess who is King Argus’ favorite. Unfortunately, we caught our King in a moment of pugnacious dissatisfaction right in the middle of the day’s festivities. It seems that a combination of frustrations drove our Argus to this unlikely combination of festive attire and displeased expression. There were no pink balloons. The buffet lacked an appropriate desert selection. The seating assignments were not strictly boy-girl-boy-girl. And to top it all off, someone made off with his favorite rope toy. It took an entire team of royal masseuses to give him a pug rub long enough to snap him out of it.


Angry Pugs Bunny

imageEaster is always a big time in any kingdom, and is no exception. But this year, King Argus was not his typical cheeful self as master of spring ceremonies. Whether we began too early this year and interrupted precious spring nap-time, or the regal pink bunny ears were just a touch too tight from too much winter feasting, we will never really know as the King is expressing some dissatisfaction at this point. But the true royal blood knows to continue with the ceremony no matter what, and despite the “angry bunny” look adorning the King’s facade, we completed the photo session and a nice nap was soon to follow. Perhaps next year the royal bunny ear fitters will check the fit before the photo session.


Holiday Time

image Every year, King Argus makes sure Santa ‘Claws’ stops by the palace for a review of all the pugs that deserve special notice this year. But each year, it tends to be the same story over and over. Argus never hears of any “bad” pugs. How could there be such a thing. So we can see a very impatient Santa as he waits until Argus completes his list of “special pugs”, which tends to be all the pugs Argus knows about. And that’s quite a lot of pugs.


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