Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella




It IS Grand! Grand Central Terminal and Market

The Pugsville Royal Kitchen Staff took their camera with them as they headed off to Grand Central Terminal, and the market at the Lexington Avenue doors. While Grand Central really is grand, so are the amazing fresh food selections at the Grand Central Market. The staff picked up some excellent filet, flank steak, chicken, salmon, shrimp, and lots of Lady Isabella’s favorite cheese, pecorino romano. They also bought some fresh vegetables, but who wants to hear about that?

Finally Friday!

Yes, we made it!

A Good Treat Haul

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron brought the Pugsville Royal Staff to their favorite pet supply store (it was open this time) to pick out some new treats for the Pugsville Chef’s pantry. Lord Byron was especially happy about the Bacon & Apple treats, while Lady Isabella is partial to the pumpkin and cranberry nuggets.

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