Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella




The Secret Knome Home

Somewhere, deep in the forests of the Pugsville Country Estate, is the secret home of the Pugsville Knome. The location is impossible to nail down as, every time someone stumbles across the home of the Pugsville Knome, he quickly boards up and moves to another tree. But of course, Lady Isabella always knows where he is, and often brings him little flowers for his reading room.

Supervising The Spring Garden Work

Spring is in full session at the Pugsville Cottage, and King Argus is monitoring the progress of the grounds crew in the east garden. While spring typically means hard work, the crew is always honored when Argus presides over their efforts with his regal presence.

Stick, Move, Juke and Jive

image While Argus is amazingly gentle and patient in helping Byron learn self esteem, every once in a while, he turns on the after-burders and gives Byron a taste of the moves of the master. Here, after some expert spins, jukes, redirects, and false jives Argus has run toward the Pugsville Cottage Evergreen Garden, while Byron is still looking for him in the Rose Garden.


Byron The Lookout

image After a little breakfast and a rousing pug-rub, Byron was back in top form and ready to resume exploration and discovery of Pugsville. Here, we can see Byron practicing his duties for Her Majestys Most Ancient And Noble Order as he envisions himself as Chief of The Day for the Royal Guard and is striking a noble pose while on lookout. Of course, 0.65 seconds later, Byron was seen scrambling down the rocks after a leaf blowing in the wind. He needs to work on his focus.


Lord Byron Has Arrived

image No that’s not a cute little hand puppet, that’s a cute little Lord! Today we welcomed a new addition to the Pugsville House of Lords, Lord Byron, Second Earl of Havelsham, Member of Her Majesty’s Most Ancient And Noble Order, Companion of the Queen’s Service Order, and Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty. Our new little Lord is 9 weeks old and anxious to get out and about in Pugsville to see all there is to see. Here, he’s pretending he’s on one of the Royal mountain climbing expeditions as he scales the sheer cliffs of a mighty towering peak in the cottage’s east garden.


Garden Path

Here we see Argus enjoying a sunny spot during one of his strolls through the trails of the Pugsville Cottage gardens. On this fine late summer day, the affairs of state are washing away and Argus has a chance to enjoy the cool breeze flowing through his country estate. I’m sure his thoughts are wandering to contemplate the bees, butterflies, and song birds on such a fine day. (Actually, it looks more like he’s making sure he’s properly posed for the photo!)

It’s Official

image The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Argus’ country cottage commenced today with quiet celebration in the September sunshine. Nestled deep in the southern vale of the Pugsville Forest, the Pugsville Cottage is the perfect place for royalty to enjoy pastoral walks among the finely tended gardens, smell the wide array of flowers, and chase away the occasional squirrel that dares to set foot in the royal garden.


All Creatures Great and Small

image Even the smallest creatures of Pugsville are important to our King Argus. Here we can see Argus showing concern over a lethargic grasshopper lazing about on the asphalt between the west garden and the Royal Spa construction site. We can only imagine what is being said between these two. Argus’s face indicates great concern over the well being of this little creature. I’m sure the grasshopper felt welcomed to Argus’ realm and eventually discovered some tasty leaves.


Dinner is Served on The Veranda

image After a long day of supervising (and sanctioning through a royal presence) the renovation and expansion of the east garden, King Argus took a well deserved break. From his outdoor portable throne, on the second level veranda, Argus has an appropriately commanding view of his landscape design and the work of the royal gardeners. But as we can see, at the very moment of this photograph, he was momentarily distracted by the royal chefs as they brought out the evening dinner for a relaxing outdoor meal. I suppose we can excuse his royal highness for a moment’s distraction after all his hard work.


The Royal Foo

image The royal sculptors delivered the prototype foo-dogs for the entrance to the newly renovated east garden of the Pugsville Palace. Overall, King Argus was impressed with the artistic flair and interpretive stylizations of these two prototype casts. However, Argus mentioned that he’d like to see an improved pose and has asked the sculptors to rethink their work. To provide a reference for their next round of efforts, Argus has provided an exceptional pose that portrays the appropriate amount of concern, awareness, regal carriage, and most importantly a obvious air of inherent dignity. We hear the artists were overwhelmingly inspired by their consultation with Argus, and are busy at work creating the next prototypes.


Stop and smell the roses

image Every great ruler knows how to balance the requirements of state with the needs of the psyche. While touring the latest additions and upgrades to the Royal East Garden, our monarch took a moment to stop and smell the proverbial roses. It may be impossible to guess what thoughts pass through the royal mind during this brief moment of pause. Perhaps he was considering the needs of Pugsville workers toiling in the garden. Or maybe he was contemplating the menu of this evening’s dinner. We may never know for certain, but we do know the thoughts were of the utmost royal nature.


Pug Crossing

image Every once in a while, to maintain a proper perspective and connection with his people, King Argus will step out and do common things from time to time. Here, we see our beloved monarch allowing one of the crossing guards to take the day off. And, in return, King Argus has an opportunity to learn a little more of common every day life in Pugsville from the perspective of one of his subjects. What a thoughtful king we have here in Pugsville.


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