Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella




A Good Treat Haul

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron brought the Pugsville Royal Staff to their favorite pet supply store (it was open this time) to pick out some new treats for the Pugsville Chef’s pantry. Lord Byron was especially happy about the Bacon & Apple treats, while Lady Isabella is partial to the pumpkin and cranberry nuggets.

The Pugsville Garden Blooms

Always Something Beautiful In Pugsville

A Meeting With The Stand-Ins

image Every detail-oriented and proactive monarch has a team of look-alike stand ins in the event a royal presence is still required in situations where the advance security team has identified a risk. Here, King Argus has assembled his team of look-a-likes to select which will stand-in at the next function. Granted, these won’t due in a close up, but you’d never expect Argus to actually put a real pug in harms-way do you?


Trash Talk, Pugsville Style

image Once a week, a dreaded invader stops by the Pugsville Cottage and creates a terrible racket with banging, clanking, yelling, and metal machines grinding and disrupts the calm serenity so loved by Argus… the Trash Man! This terrible foe of peaceful nap-time deserves all the angry barks, snarls, growls, and grunts that a pug can put forth. Argus has taught Byron how to synchronize their barks to send a particularly strong message to their hated interrupter!


Warming the Autumn Bones

image Memories of frolicking in the Pugsville gardens are distant memories as the fun times of late summer and early autumn give way to 40 degrees in October! Argus is schooling Byron in the fine art of warming the pug-bones in front of the fire. From what we can tell, Byron is a quick study in not only that, but cozying up to his big buddy.


What’s Out There?

image Ah… to be a young strapping Lordling pug in Pugsville with an entire world waiting for you at your doorstep. Little Byron already shows signs of following in the footsteps of great explorers from the Pugsville House of Lords as he can barely take his eyes off the great outdoors. Is he fantasizing about grand excursions to the top of famous mountains? Perhaps he’s anticipating royal safaris on the Serengeti, or exploring the vast rain forest. The future looks bright for little Lord Byron.


It’s Official

image The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Argus’ country cottage commenced today with quiet celebration in the September sunshine. Nestled deep in the southern vale of the Pugsville Forest, the Pugsville Cottage is the perfect place for royalty to enjoy pastoral walks among the finely tended gardens, smell the wide array of flowers, and chase away the occasional squirrel that dares to set foot in the royal garden.


Fairy Godbear of Pugsville

image An unexpected arrival caused a minor fuss among the staff today, the surprise visit of Pugsville’s very own Fairy Godbear. Part of the reason Pugsville is such a charmed place (other than the presence of King Argus) is through the watchfulness of Mabel, the Fairy Godbear. Here we can see Argus offering one of his choice toys to Mabel. We suppose Argus is hoping Mabel will play… or maybe… Argus would like to be turned into a Mastif, a pug’s giant distant cousin. No… we’re certain the King very much enjoys being a pug.


East Wing Construction

image As we’ve talked about before, King Argus is very involved with every aspect of the goings on in and around his domain, Pugsville. Today, our noble busy-body was supervising the renovation of the east wing guest room of the castle while the construction crew was talking a break. Argus had worked long had hard with the royal interior designer and architect team to implement his plans into detailed drawings for the Pugsville master craftsmen. Here, we can see Argus reviewing the quality of the installation of a new bay window designed specifically to give him a 270 degree view of the east garden.


Royal Luggage

The customized Royal Luggage arrived today for King Argus to sample and review. Here we see the customized “Royal Tote” especially made for King Argus and his demanding entourage of handlers, groomers, and food specialists. In typical pug fashion, we’re not entirely sure about the King’s approval, however, we did not yet receive any indication of dissatisfaction. So we can assume this wonderful item will be a great conversation piece as the King travels far and wide.

It’s Good to Be The King

thekingAfter a long hard day of keeping his domain in order during the chill winter months, Argus likes to supervise the lighting of his fire. Then, he takes up position near the roaring flames and lets the warmth sooth his chilled paws and cold ears. Now, his thoughts drift toward what shall he select for his dinner. Perhaps smoked salmon tonight? With a nice dry white?

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