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Getting Ready For Turkey Day

Lady Isabella and Lord Byron are showing off their custom knitted and very festive turkey hats from Pugs-n-Giggles. Thanksgiving is a popular day in Pusgsville, not so much because of the traditions or festivities everyone else would think, but because our royal puggies get to eat a big feast. But this year, they’re especially excited because they’re going to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Lady Isabella Attends a Private Store Preview

Today, Lady Isabella was invited to attend the exclusive pre-launch preview of the new high-concept fashion store, Atelier 55 on Fifth Avenue. She was reasonably impressed with the designer’s choices, and vowed to return again after the store opens. However, it seems that she misunderstood the advice of her Pugsville Royal Personal Trainer, and mistook exercise for accessorize. I think we can forgive her, since she looks marvelous.

Lady Isabella Showing Off Her New Jenya2 Sweater

Just yesterday, Lady Isabella received a new shipment from Jenya2 Hand Knit Fashions and was excited to show off the latest creation this morning. This luxurious hand knit sweater fits perfectly, and the little red ruffles accentuates our little lady’s wiggly walk. Everyone had to stop and comment, and people across the street were all looking at Izzie — just they way she likes it.

A Public Service Message from Lady Isabella: Be More Happy

As we approach the crazy holiday season, Lady Isabella would like everyone to remember to be more happy. She knows it’s hard, but she would love it if everyone could just be like her, and never be sad. Even when she gets mad, which has happened, or when she’s really tired, she’s still happy. Our little lady is always happy because she’s a cute little pug, and knows nothing else.

Lady Isabella, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

What can possibly be said about Lady Isabella that hasn’t already been said? Our perfect little fluffy lady had a wonderful day at the park and is looking forward to exploring more of New York City in the coming months.

The Magic of New York City in November

Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures in New York City, Lady Isabella and Lord Byron wanted the staff to take them out for a late night walk in the areas surrounding Pugsville.NYC. Walking through Madison Square Park, Lady Isabella noticed the magical beauty of the fountain with the leaves from the acorn trees falling like fairies floating down for a late night skinny dip. She directed the Royal Photographer to try and capture the magic of the evening. We think it came out pretty good.

Lady Isabella Went Shopping

It wasn’t so much that our little Lady Isabella didn’t trust the Pugsville Royal Kitchen Staff to acquire the appropriate food, treats, and bones; she just wanted to have a look around. After approving of the selections for their meals, our little lady wandered down the treat and raw-hide isle of the local pet food purveyor. And it seems as though she found something that caught her attention…

Yes! This one please!

Waiting For A Morsel To Fall, Hopefully

Lord Byron and Lady Isabella, being two hungry little pugs, are always on the lookout for tasty morsels that might fall their way. Even if the staff is doing nothing with food, one must always be alert, vigilant, and ready. Otherwise, one might lose one’s edge and miss out on that taste morsel, when it does fall.

A Great Night In The City

While strolling through the Pugsville.NYC neighborhood tonight, on a beautiful warm November evening, our royal pair came across a big fan of Pugsville outside the frozen yogurt shop. We all had a great night talking about their friend’s world travels, his love of great big sticks, and frozen yogurt with blueberries and rainbow sprinkles. Here we see Lady Isabella commenting on the fashionable shoes of passers by, while our friend is politely trying to seem interested. It was a great night, and we’ll see you again.

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