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A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Today, this 23rd day of December is Festivus. A few of the festivities  are ‘the feats of strength’, which battles Lord Byron against King Argus in a tug of war, with a toy that Isabella personally picked out, to see who will come out victorious. There is a also the “airing of grievances”, which is going to take awhile. Apparently there are a lot of problems that need to be aired.

A Great Night In The City

While strolling through the Pugsville.NYC neighborhood tonight, on a beautiful warm November evening, our royal pair came across a big fan of Pugsville outside the frozen yogurt shop. We all had a great night talking about their friend’s world travels, his love of great big sticks, and frozen yogurt with blueberries and rainbow sprinkles. Here we see Lady Isabella commenting on the fashionable shoes of passers by, while our friend is politely trying to seem interested. It was a great night, and we’ll see you again.

Sad Pug Is Sad

We don’t know why King Argus was looking so sad in this picture from 2008. We know he was well-fed, the Pugsville Royal Staff always saw to that. We know he was happy with the latest improvements to the Pugsville Cottage. Maybe he was waiting for his “Pug Rub.” In fact, that’s probably it. King Argus loved the deep-down full-fingered Pug Rub up and down his back. Yeah, that’s probably it. He’s thinking, “Put down the damn camera and give me my pug rub!”

Sun-Bathing Puggies

After a full day of swimming, Isabella, Argus and Byron lay in the sun and relax before the royal evening festivities begin.

The Favored Raft of the Pugsville Pugs

Where Should Little Lebowski Sleep?

The issue of nap time arose soon after little Lebowski settled in at Pugsville. After all, puppies need sleep, but proper pugs need even more sleep. Here we see our guest wondering how he’s going to find a soft spot to snooze. Click here to find out what happened next.


A Nap Interruption

The hazy, lazy days have come early to Pugsville this April. The three royal pugs were caught snoozing in the warm afternoon sun, only to be abruptly snapped awake by an unknown sound. Isabella, on the right immediately thought it was from someone coming to oogle lavish praise over how cute she is. Argus, in the middle, thought he heard someone open a jar of some tasty pug treats. And poor Byron, on the left, thought, “I already chased that ball 1,817 times today.”


Dreams Of Spring

image Late winter, the wind is whistling outside, the fire is roaring inside, and little pugs dream of spring to come. After a cold romp outside in the show, Argus told little Isabella and Byron all about spring. He told them about peepers in the back. He told them about squirrels in the yard. He told them about flowers in the garden. He told them about the… (yawn) the… (yawn) the need to nap in winter.


Three Pugs A-Tuggin’

image Little Isabella is not one to sit idly by and let the boys have all the fun. She’s learning how to be a tough little pug princess while maintaining a high degree of cute perfection. Here we can see our little lady jumping right in the middle of the boy’s tug-session and getting in a good tug, snort, and growl all of her own!


Mmmm… Toasty

image All the impressive amenities of the Pugsville cottage are designed for the comfort and convenience of the pugs. During a frigid late January day, what could possible be better than a piping hot wood pellet stove smack-dab in the middle of the cottage? Why, a cushy bed filled with three toasty pugs right in front of the stove is what could be better! Argus, Byron, and Isabella all managed to fit into the hearth bed for a toasty warm afternoon nap!


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