Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella




Favorite Water Toys of The Pugsville Pugs

These stuffed frogs are Lord Byron’s favorite pool toys. He’ll spend hours, every sunny day, swimming after one or more frogs, in the wonderful Arizona sun.

A Good Long Chew

After a long day of swimming and sunning, Lord Byron needs to unwind and relax.

Here is his new favorite rawhide chew.

The Favored Raft of the Pugsville Pugs

Three Pugs A-Tuggin’

image Little Isabella is not one to sit idly by and let the boys have all the fun. She’s learning how to be a tough little pug princess while maintaining a high degree of cute perfection. Here we can see our little lady jumping right in the middle of the boy’s tug-session and getting in a good tug, snort, and growl all of her own!


Lord Byron and his Nyla Bone

Lord Byron is enjoying some quiet time to focus on gnawing into one of the 12 favorite Nyla bones.

Nyla Race

image The Pugsville inventory was restocked by the royal inventory clerk with a new batch of fresh Nyla bones. And you know what that means—Argus and Byron each grab a bone to see if they can answer the age-old question. What is the question you might ask? Well, it’s “how many pug chomps does it takes to get to the center of a Nyla pop?”


Byron Has Fleece


Byron gets into the act with a smaller version of Argus’ great new winter fleece.


Peace and Contentment

image There are few moments as pleasurable in Pugsville as that quiet morning nap just after breakfast. Argus is showing little Lord Byron the finder points of the genteel lifestyle of royalty by keeping on schedule with the post-breakfast nap, and Byron is trying hard to learn. Here we see our little Lord’s head slowly falling into slumber as the warm sun streams in and says… sleep… sleeep… sleeeep.


Gang-up, Torment, and…

image Argus is teaching Byron the long-standing Pug group motto of “Gang-up, torment, and tease” when encountering unsavory dogs, cats, and assorted critters. Today, it’s time to gang up on a particularly irritating toy (at least, that’s what Argus told Byron) to teach it a lesson “once and for all!” Byron certainly looks excited as it becomes clear they’re winning and telling this toy who’s in charge!


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