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Pugsville Relocates To New York City!

It took six long days and five even longer nights for the Pugsvill Royal Staff to organize the move from Arizona to New York City. Here’s a few pictures from the road, as Lord Byron and Lady Isabella supervied the journey.

Travel Accommodations For The Pugsville Relocation

The long road trip from Arizona to New York City had it’s ups and downs. Thankfully, there was both acceptable accommodations at the end of each day, as well as some delicious dinners.

Into The Future


Pugsville Is Moving. As the whim of royalty is often unpredictable and, at best, fickle, King Argus one day decided that Pugsville must move. Move where you might ask? Well, according to Argus, where he is needed the most—where Pugs are few, people are friendly, the weather is cool, and he where can establish a new order of Puggery among the eager masses. And as we know, Argus is a hands-on monarch, so here he is with the lead truck in the Pugsville convoy, blazing the trail into a new future for pugs everywhere.

New York Shopping Trip

image Today, Argus took Byron on the annual royal shopping trip to the center of the shopping universe, Manhattan, New York. During a break in their shopping, Argus had the driver stop by Central Park for a nice stroll on the famous Bridal Path. Being very familiar with New York City, Argus had a chance to show Byron how to be a sophisticated city pug. Here we can see Byron listening intently as Argus tells him all about how to greet other dogs and maintain a proper puggly royal attitude.


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