Pugsville – Lord Byron and Lady Isabella




A Dust Storm Approaches Pugsville

King Argus alerted the Pugsville Royal groundskeepers about the hoboob closing in on his beloved desert paradise. His staff snapped into action and prepared for the worst.

Gosh It’s HOT!

Gosh It's HOT!

Yes, that REALLY does say 109 degrees on the car dashboard.

Always Something Beautiful In Pugsville

King Argus is pleased with Phoenix

After the long trip from the east coast, King Argus finds that he is very pleased with the Arizona sun in March. Our beloved monarch has granted his permission to establish Pugsville in Phoenix, so long as appropriate standards of comfort are maintained.

“Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better!”

image Byron’s first snow was a monuments event as he charged out the door to play in the fresh newly fallen layer of powdery fun. Just when Byron was convinced it couldn’t possible get any better at Pugsville, he’s surprised by this wonderful new thing that falls from the sky and tickles the eyelids. Here, Argus is schooling Byron in the finer points of making snowballs with your nose.


I’m Melting!

image The heat wave hit Pugsville today as temperatures soared into the upper 90’s! Argus, as all pugs, don’t generally take kindly to the heat. But duty calls for all benevolent monarchs and one must make appearances as best as one can. So with plenty of cool water at hand, royal fanners at his side, and his trusty Outward Hound cool-collar, Argus ventures out into his kingdom to show his subjects the heat will not deter a single duty. Having completed his rounds, here we see our king anxious to retire to the comfort of his throne room (and some ice water).


Catching Snowflakes

image King Argus takes great pride in knowing anything and everything there is to know about Pugsville. He’s a man of details that must gain first-hand knowledge of his land and his charges. Today, Argus went forth into his kingdom to taste the snowflakes in different parts of his land. The flakes to the south tasted of elderberry which was just fine as that is where he would like to establish Pugsville’s first winery. But here, to the east, there is a slight hint of a bitter undertone accompanying a strong flavor of peat with a grassy finish. Argus feels that this might mean an early spring.


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